Saigon Maxim Vietnamese Cuisine – Calgary, AB

I was actually boycotting the Vietnamese restaurant that we’ve been going to for awhile… we stumbled into Saigon Maxim as an alternative, and we’re glad we did! The food was amazing! With tons of parking, good food, and other amenities – it’s an ideal place to eat!

We started with some Chicken Wings as I’m normally in search for wings on Wednesday. The wings were fried really well here, even though there wasn’t a lot but it was good quality! The wings were a little small as well, but the skin was really crispy!

I ordered rice vermicelli with lemon grass beef, chicken & prawn. It was a large bowl of vermicelli with tons of meat. I’m always nervous about ordering shrimp or prawns or seafood in general at a restaurant I’m not familiar with. The prawns were decent here and the chicken and beef was really good.

Rare beef Noodle Soup and it was exceptional! It really was as flavourful and delicious as it looks! The beef was tender and actually juicy, and there was a lot of them too!

Overall, we loved our experience here. It was close to home and it tastes really good. We’ve been back numerous times already since we’ve experienced it! I recommend this location for Vietnamese food!

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Saigon Maxim Vietnamese Cuisine

8338 18 Street Southeast
Calgary, AB
(587) 353-0033