Sushi Bistro – Banff, Alberta

We accomplished a hike up Ha Ling Peak and decided we would reward ourselves with sushi. We got into Banff and stumbled into Sushi Bistro which is just off Banff Avenue – right near Brewster’s Mountain Lodge. We didn’t have to wait too long to get seated as it was tail end of the dinner rush when we arrived.

We sat down and ticked off all the good things we wanted to eat. We started with Deep Fried Chicken which came out in a little plate. The chicken was delicious and juicy and fried really nicely, not greasy.

Then, we got in a little bowl, which we thought was strange, our Salmon Sashimi, the fish was really fresh and the portions was quite generous, especially for the price ($6 for 5 pieces).

We had an assortment of sushi’s that we like so we ordered some Surf Clams, Inari and spicy tuna roll. All the sushi was delicious and fresh and tasted really good!

Our last item we ordered was on their menu under Ramen Noodle and it turned out to be a big bowl of ramen! It was delicious and it only cost $9.50 which is at par with all the other places or cheaper. The soup was really tasty and the ramen texture was nice.

Overall, the experience was amazing. Service was great, food was fabulous and the prices were very reasonable. It’s a nice quiet restaurant tucked off the busy street – but it doesn’t mean the place isn’t busy!

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Sushi Bistro

208 Caribou St.
Banff, AB
(403) 762-4000