Maxwell House Instant Cafe – Belgian Hazelnut

A sweet hot treat is perfect when the weather starts getting cold. Instead of going to my local coffee house, I bring home some instant cafe mix from Maxwell House in a super delicious flavour which was Belgian Hazelnut. It’s nice as this isn’t too expensive (for a cup from my local coffee shop, I can make lots at home!) and it’s relatively convenient!

There are a few ways to enjoy this powder besides just mixing the beverage mix to either hot water or milk, but you can also add this to things like ice cream topping or even baking! So, it’s not only a delicious drink mix, but it’s versatile too!

2 Replies to “Maxwell House Instant Cafe – Belgian Hazelnut”

  1. This is the best drink in the world and Kraft Canada has discontinued it. Do you have any idea where I can purchase any?

  2. I can’t find it in Alberta anywhere….why did they discontinue such a good product!? Can I order it online from within Canada anywhere? Please help! I’m addicted and only have a couple cans left…. ;o(

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