NEM Delight

I really had a thing for Vietnamese food this week, and I found myself not too far from home, just off of Bow Bottom Trail. We found ourselves at NEM Delight just because of the high ratings on Urbanspoon. Once we saw that, we figured that this is where we were going to go… so, we ventured off! When we got here, we realized it was just a take-out place only, so we just grabbed 2 subs and called it a night. It was a typical take-out place so it was kind of shocking when she said the wait was about 10 minutes for a sub… but it wasn’t like we were in a hurry or anything!

We ordered a Grilled Chicken Submarine which was actually very reasonable for a sub price. It was $5.70 for a decent sized Vietnamese submarine. The wait was probably the fact they were actually grilling the chicken and onions – which was extremely flavourful! It wasn’t your typical Vietnamese sub, but it was a good one! The jalapeno peppers was quite something – they were very spicy, and they kept the seeds in and all too! We ended up taking the peppers out to finish the subs.

The other sub we tried was their Grilled Pork Submarine and for the same price, we picked pork – as it’s not a common one you see on the menu. Usually, you get the beef and chicken, and that’s it! The pork was really tender and also packed with flavour! The grilled meat in the subs topped with the usual Vietnamese sub toppings, cucumber, cilantro, pickled carrots and onions… which really made it seem like a usual sub to the next level with almost a fusion of flavours!

Overall, these were good subs, but not sure if I’d go all the way over that way for another… the parking lot was small, and there wasn’t a ton of parking spots either. The nice thing is the menu is extensive and the prices are very well priced. The food is quite decent as well.

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NEM Delight

6, 13750 Bow Bottom Trail SE
Calgary, AB
(403) 235-5757