Nestlé Aero Peppermint Lamb

It’s Easter soon, where the grocery store isles will be filled with candies and chocolates. One thing that really caught my eye this year was the Aero Peppermint Lamb which I couldn’t resist and got myself one! The package was really cute, and I just needed to see and taste this peppermint lamb.

I went home and immediately opened the package, and to my excitement, it really was just like the wrapper – almost to size too!

This is the cutest chocolate “egg” I’ve ever seen, even though my lambs nose was had a little blemish, it was almost too cute to cut through to see the inside. But, we did it anyway! The inside was green with the tradmark Aero bubble look throughout!

The taste was quite minty too! It was enjoyable and satisfying! It was just really neat to see a chocolate lamb instead of a bunny or egg or something more traditional!