Pho Nam Vietnamese Cuisine – Calgary, Alberta

We were seeking for something on the lighter side for dinner when we drove by Pho Nam and it was located right off of Fairmont Drive. It is basically off the intersection of Fairmont Drive and Heritage Drive, with lots of parking.

Once we sat down, we decided to have an order of their Satay Beef Roll and it’s their salad rolls with satay beef instead of shrimp! The beef was actually really delicious, making the rolls incredibly tasting!

I wasn’t feeling the greatest and really wanted “chicken noodle soup” basically, so I got their Pho Ga and the soup was really good. It tastes like they spent a good amount on time on their soup base! The noodles were quite delicious and it’s a great texture!

My husband had their Satay Beef Noodle Soup as he was feeling the opposite of me and wanted something with lots of spice and flavours!! With the same great rice noodles, this soup was another amazing soup. It’s full of flavours, spice, and sauce! It’s quite amazing!

Overall, the place was quite a surprise. The food tasted better than expectations I have set while walking through the doors judging by nothing really! So, it was nice that we were pleasantly surprised.

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Pho Nam Vietnamese Cuisine

8302 Fairmont Dr SE
Calgary, AB
(403) 255-6444