Sammy’s Steak & Pizza – Falher, Alberta

We left Calgary around 5:30AM this one weekend… and I decided to sleep in the car. I woke up every once in awhile to see where we were going, and I only knew “North” was the answer. We passed Edmonton, and kept going. When I finally got up, we were around 750kms North of Calgary, in a town called Falher, AB. Here, we decided I was hungry and found a place to eat. Basically, there was 2 options, both was pizza. We choose Sammy’s Steak & Pizza right on Main Street.

We went inside, and it was pretty cool little place! Definitely a sense of old town and small community as the other restaurant guests that came in basically all knew each other. They’d just sit and have a drink or just social. It was pretty cool to me! The service was great, but the food did come out a little slow. It totally was worth it though!

By the time we figured we would share a pizza for lunch, we ordered the Meat lover’s Pizza which we figured everything was hand made as it took a while and it tasted great! It looked amazing once it came to the table, with perfectly melted cheese and tons of meat!

To our excitement, the slices were thick — with meat!! It was impressive and we gobbled it up in no time!

Overall, this little place had such a wonderful pizza that wasn’t greasy at all! Well, it’s greasy as all pizza is but the crust wasn’t greasy and it made the entire experience really enjoyable! The prices here in general was extremely reasonable!

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Sammy’s Steak & Pizza

9 Main St SW
Falher, AB
(780) 837-3335