Bernie & the Boys Bistro – Drumheller, Alberta

We actually didn’t know what to do one weekend and we were in the North end of Calgary when we suddenly remembered John Catucci on You Gotta Eat Here featured a place in Drumheller called Bernie & the Boys Bistro, so we decided to drive out there just for lunch! We got there and it’s on the side of downtown Drumheller where we’ve never ventured off to, so we’re glad this gave us an excuse to go to this side!

Once we got in, I knew immediately I wanted a Strawberry Milkshake, so I ordered one and my husband ordered an Almond Milkshake! Their milkshakes are awesome and made the good old school way! Thick and creamy and loaded with flavour! It brings me back to the past with such milkshakes!

We ordered some wings to share and we decided to try their Smokin’ Wings and it was smokin’ hot! For some reason my husband thought the hot wings are the “screaming or liquid magma or even their blair wing project”. I honestly think it’s hotter than their “hot” wings! It wasn’t just hot tasting either which made these wings awesome. They were spicy and extremely flavourful! They were so good – we ate it all up, even though our mouths couldn’t handle it!

I ordered their Hawaiian Burger which was one of the best burgers I’ve ever had! It was juicy and delightful! Tons of toppings but didn’t take away from the burger taste or experience. It was like a Hawaiian Pizza in a burger, with ham, pineapple and cheese with some pizza sauce! It was a great experience!

My husband ordered the NY Steak Sandwich which was very tender piece of steak, cooked to perfection and seasoned well. There’s nothing we can find to say negatively about this – so it was a great experience!

We love this place and like John Catucci says, “You Gotta Eat Here!”!! Even if you just stop in for a milkshake or just wings or something, I’m sure you won’t be disappointed!

Bernie & the Boys Bistro

305 4 St W
Drumheller, AB
(403) 823-3318