Song Han Vietnamese Restaurant

We were actually looking for another restaurant on Boxing Day 2013 when we ended up at Song Han Vietnamese Restaurant as the restaurant I wanted to try wasn’t opened. This location is right on Kensington Road and it’s on a lower level, but the sign is large and easy to find.

We ordered their Grilled Pork Salad Rolls which wasn’t bad actually. I was having such a bad few days prior, I was expecting the worst of everything. To my surprise, the salad rolls were quite decent! They were super expensive, for 3 rolls costing us $5.25, but I think my husband wasn’t going to argue for a few buck for something I kind of wanted.

My husband picked out what I was going to have. I really enjoy eating Vietnamese Steamed Pork Meatloaf with Egg and he thought that the dish he ordered me was it. We ordered on the menu Shredded Pork, Egg Pie, Grilled Pork Chop on Steamed Rice, and of course thinking that “Egg Pie” was the Cha Trung, which just ended up being a fried egg. It was a large plate of food and it tasted good, but it just wasn’t what I had thought I wanted. I took half of it home for the next day, and there was lots of rice left! The portions were very generous here – probably to make up for the salad rolls.

My husband ordered their Famous HUE Spicy Beef on Thick Noodle Soup which I know it as “Bun Bo Hue and that was exactly what came out! He really enjoyed it and the spice level was really satisfying! The soup had tons of flavour and the beef was really good.

Overall, we left satisfied, and what more am I expecting at this point? Just be happy and go – so I did! At least I got my belly filled and didn’t have to go home and pull out my apron on Boxing day! I honestly will say I probably won’t be back as it’s in Kensington – there’s so many other great things to try, and I’d rather do that. I’m not saying the food was bad by any means, I just like to try new things!

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Song Han Vietnamese Restaurant

1140 Kensington Rd NW
Calgary, AB
(403) 258-0288

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