Starlite Diner Car – Bowden, AB

I love looking for hidden jems in the middle of nowhere, and I can definitely say I found one in Bowden, Alberta. We made this stop just before our stop to Red Deer from Calgary just to try this diner car out. Situated just off the highway is Starlight Diner Car which is a diner car decorated to look like an old school diner – with extra terrestrial and alien decoration inside!

Just going inside puts a smile on anyone’s face and this was no different! It was just a wonderful place to experience and the service here was wonderful!

Once we sat down, we ordered a coffee each as it was early in the morning. I ordered their Starlite Breakfast which was a large breakfast with sausage, toast, eggs and hashbrowns. They had a generous portion size which was perfect for a long day ahead for me! The sausages were split in half, but you don’t normally get 4 sausages! It was delicious!

My husband ordered their Sirloin Steak and Eggs breakfast which was quite a large piece of sirloin steak, well seasoned and cooked to perfection. With the steak and eggs, it came with some toast, which was also a large breakfast

Overall, we really enjoyed this place and has recommended it to a few friends and family members — with strange looks on their faces as we tell them about here! But, it’s just fun and a great way to start off a weekend!

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Starlite Diner Car

1-3 Heritage Dr
Bowden, AB
(403) 657-3503