Tea Funny – Calgary, Alberta

We were looking for a gathering place for a bunch of us friends to gather for a little snack and someone mentioned to us we should go to Tea Funny located right on Centre Street. Parking isn’t the most convenient, but we found some street parking and walked on over.

Once we were inside, we noticed that their menu system is on an ipad which makes it kind of easy to order and personalize what you want. The ipads were a little damaged but they have the ipads embedded into the table where it can easily be damaged as you put food on top of it, or you can accidentally spill your drinks onto it. It was a very neat concept and modern!

I didn’t actually get a picture of my drink, but I ordered their Milk Tea with nothing in it as I really like Hong Kong style milk tea, and for some strange reason I always think places that are like this would have it. The drinks are quite delicious and they come in a good sized cup. We ordered some snacks to share and we started off with Chicken Wings and those were quite good! Really nicely fried and seasoned!

We also ordered some Fried Squid tentacles which is a dish I’ve always loved. It wasn’t done poorly here so that’s very exciting, although it was not the most tender it was still tasty.

The last thing we ordered and shared was some Fried Udon with Beef which wasn’t a large dish, but it’s a snack place, so it made sense. The prices were a little high, but the food was quite decent and the atmosphere is quite nice.

Overall, we enjoyed this place and we’ll probably be back especially during weekends and evenings when parking will be easier to find. I’m not sure about the winter though when the sidewalks will be piled up with snow, but we’ll see when time comes.

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Tea Funny

123-1323 Centre St NW
Calgary, AB
(403) 978-5888