Waldhaus Restaurant – Banff, Alberta

We went to Banff for a weekend where we wanted to try Waldhaus that claims it’s inside Banff Springs Hotel. It is on it’s property, but outside. There is a shuttle that takes you to and from the restaurant and it’s located pretty much on the golf course.

Once we got seated as we had a late reservation, we were offered some delicious bread. The special bread in the basket would be the pretzel croissants. It’s pretty filling, but it was really tasty! The texture was amazing and with some butter, it was a nice treat! It’s a pretzel rolled into a croissant shape.

I ordered the Vension Medallion which was delicious! The vension was tender and juicy and marinated really well, and of course cooked to perfection! The vension was topped with lingonberry preserve with some black garlic jus and the combination was amazing.

We also ordered the Jager Schnitzel which was a thin piece of breaded and fried veal with mushroom ragout on top. We really like the mushrooms on top and the combination of the fried veal with the mushroom gravy – it was divine!

As we had such an amazing dinner, we decided we would have some dessert. We wanted to try some traditional Black Forest Cake as everything was made traditionally. The black forest cake was made with a modern twist, so it was quite different.

We had an experience to remember and loved our time here. To top off the experience, the chef came out and chatted with his customers and he even stopped at our table to talk to us! We were impressed with the entire visit, especially the food! The service and atmosphere was top notched!

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Waldhaus Restaurant

405 Spray Ave
Banff, AB
(403) 762-6860