World Ground Cafe – Oakland

One afternoon during out trip to California, we decided to slow down the pace and start the day with a nice hot drink. We came across a place called World Ground Cafe which was still in Oakland. We actually like to come here often to pick up some drinks on the go! The location is great for us, the people are always friendly, and the drinks are always fresh and delicious!

I really like to order their Hot Chocolate as it’s rich and creamy! It’s never too greasy tasting – but yet, I don’t ask for whipped cream. It seems to be my “go to”drink in the morning, which I have no problem with!

The other drink we seem to enjoy ordering a lot was their Spicy Chai as it was a nice spicy chai. It’s not the same as the ones we get back at home, but it does leave a nice fragrant note and flavour in the mouth. It definitely warms up the body on those cold wintery months!

Overall, we like this place as it has what we need, at a price we like, and the location that is convenient for us! Most importantly, it’s worth the price we pay too! Especially for something as basic as hot chocolate! I am sure I will be back next time I’m here – since I’ve been back for a few years now!

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World Ground Cafe

3726 Macarthur Blvd
Oakland, CA
(510) 482-2933