EOS Lip Balm – Smooth Sphere in Strawberry Sorbet

I recently went into the drug store right by my house and found something really neat looking on sale that I needed. This item would be EOS Lip Balm which is called Smooth Sphere. It really caught my eye as it’s in the shape of an egg!! I love strawberry flavour, whether it’s artificial or not, so I picked the Strawberry Sorbet scent.

Once I’ve opened up the package, I figured out why it’s called a “Smooth Sphere”. The lip balm itself is in the shape of a sphere and the size of it isn’t too big actually! It covers both lips at once which is really different!

I think I would purchase this item again, as long as it’s on sale. It’s a costly little guy, which I think will have a lot of left over product at the end since the base is pretty big. My only complaint is that it doesn’t have sunscreen, but I do put on lip gloss on top of it – so it’s not a deal breaker. I believe only one scent has SPF which is the lemon drop, which I haven’t tried yet. I like that this product is 100% natural, and because of it’s shape and size – it makes it really easy to dig out of the bottom of my purse! The seal is really tight too – so nothing can enter, and the lid won’t pop off. With all that stuff said, my lips feel very moisturized when it’s on. It does wipe off quickly too – so reapply often!