Hamley Squiddy – Batteries

The Hamley Squiddy seems to be a popular bath toy! It has been brought to my attention that we weren’t the only ones with problems opening Squddy to insert or change batteries.

Hamley's Squiddy

This bath-time toy takes 2AA batteries, and is not too complicated to insert or change. It does take a little bit of force, but not so much where you crush Squiddy. You can watch the video below to watch us open, insert batteries and see Squiddy move!

I really like my Hamley Squiddy – see what I think about Hamley’s Squiddy!

Hamley Squiddy

Okay, I’m not 3 years old, but I do enjoy some toys in the bath-tub, so when I was at Hamley’s Toy Store in London, I fell in love with a squid bath toy. It’s pretty cool, as it claims to swim, spin and dive around the bath tub — which he did! It was really cool! I guess it was actually a Hamleys brand toy that we purchased, but there are others just like it! 🙂 I know it’s funny that I’m talking about a bathtime friend, but I’m really happy that I spent the money on it. It wasn’t cheap, as it was around $15 Canadian and I was expecting it to die after I submerge it in water… or even worse, electrocute myself as it takes 2 AA batteries. None of the above happened, so I’m recommending Hamley’s Squiddy!

Click here to view information on insert or changing batteries for Squiddy

Here’s a clip of him under-water! My tub is yellow-ish…