Hamley Squiddy – Batteries

The Hamley Squiddy seems to be a popular bath toy! It has been brought to my attention that we weren’t the only ones with problems opening Squddy to insert or change batteries.

Hamley's Squiddy

This bath-time toy takes 2AA batteries, and is not too complicated to insert or change. It does take a little bit of force, but not so much where you crush Squiddy. You can watch the video below to watch us open, insert batteries and see Squiddy move!

I really like my Hamley Squiddy – see what I think about Hamley’s Squiddy!

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  1. Purchased “Squiddy” for my 6 yr old when we were in London last month. Finally got it working, wondering why I didn’t do this earlier. My little guy just loves it

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