High River Inn Restaurant – High River, Alberta

We were actually trying to find some dinner in Longview where the place of choice didn’t have space for us. We started our journey home when we decided to make a stop in High River – where we found High River Inn Restaurant and it was a neat place. The owner was really pleased we were there, and she kept explaining to us that the food she has here caters to small town people. No problem – I know and I love it!

Although the place appears small, it’s actually very spacious inside with a decent size buffet. This place got pretty busy in here as well, but I don’t think you’re going to have to worry about making reservations as there’s lots of tables and chairs. The chef constantly puts out fresh food, so the smorg doesn’t go empty.

As this was our dinner, I allowed myself to help myself! Serving after serving, I really enjoyed the food here. I especially enjoyed the little conversations with the owner and she enjoyed talking to us in Cantonese as she doesn’t get a lot of Chinese speaking people at her place.

Overall, the place was really clean, the staff was really friendly, the food was really good! There’s nothing to complain about! It was an enjoyable dinner and I really like their eggroll. Most places have spring rolls, so this was a nice treat!

High River Inn Restaurant on Urbanspoon

High River Inn Restaurant

503 1 St Southwest
High River, AB
(403) 652-7733

Imperial Dragon Family Restaurant – Stratmore, Alberta

Sometimes on weekends, I like to just do nothing and visit a Chinese/Western buffet. This particular weekend, I found myself at Imperial Dragon Family Restaurant in Strathmore, Alberta. It is just located right off the highway and it’s pretty big inside with a decent sized parking lot.

Once inside, it’s huge inside, lots of tables and chairs and lots of selection for the buffet! We were really happy and got started right away!

I had a few plates, but the food selection is quite standard. The quality is pretty good as well! They did have a few odd-ball items such as deviled eggs but that tasted pretty good.

They even had some giant wontons in their smorg and that was awesome! We had quite a few wontons as they tasted alright and the broth was nice too!

Dessert was fun, they had a good selection of sweets from Chinese almond cookies, to jello and cakes. They even had ice cream with more than 2 flavours! So, I was really happy to have a scoop of maple walnut!

Overall, it’s a great place to stop into a family owned Chinese/Western restaurant and go for their buffet. I’m assuming that their food is going to taste pretty good as well since their buffet was good!

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Imperial Dragon Family Restaurant

1014 Westridge Road
Strathmore, AB
(403) 934-9963

Starlight Chinese Restaurant‎ – Airdrie, Alberta

We found another small town restaurant that offers Chinese & Western buffet so we didn’t give up the oppertunity to try them out. This time, we found ourselves in Airdrie at the Starlight Chinese Restaurant located in a strip plaza off Yankee Valley Blvd with tons of parking, it’s a great location!

The buffet was a pretty decent sized buffet, with delicious options, but one thing that stood up for me was the quality of the food. Even with soups, they had both wonton soup and hot & sour soup!

The food here was really good and it actually got quite busy around the noon hour! It was a fabulous experience!

Overall, we loved the experience here and we know we’ll be back!

Starlight Chinese Restaurant‎ on Urbanspoon

Starlight Chinese Restaurant‎

960 Yankee Valley Blvd SE
Airdrie, AB
(403) 912-7887

Cochrane Palace Restaurant – Cochrane, Alberta

There’s something satisfying about small time Chinese/Western buffets which I know it as smorgs as we use to have a family restaurant in Medicine Hat. Now, as it’s not available to me, I find myself craving it, so we’re been driving around Alberta small towns looking for smorgs where we found one in Cochrane called Cochrane Palace near their downtown. Tons of parking and the space is large!

Once we were inside, we were seated for buffet and basically they release you to the buffet! There are tons of options at this buffet and their food was simple – which is how it’s suppose to be!

We had a few plates of food, tried their wonton soups and we left satisfied. The dim sum didn’t have a lot, but it’s something unique here as dim sum’s are not normally in Chinese/Western buffets!

We enjoyed the selection of food here as they offered some roast, some dim sum, and their fried foods was really well fried! I did find the food to be a little on the bland side, but a dallop of hot sauce can go a long way!

Cochrane Palace on Urbanspoon

Cochrane Palace Restaurant
22 Westside Drive
Cochrane AB Canada

E & W Family Restaurant – Three Hills, Alberta

For those who don’t actually know me… my name starts with an “E” and my husbands name starts with a “W”… so, when we drove by Three Hills and saw E&W Family Restaurant, we knew it was a place for us to try! This restaurant is located near the edge of the highway, and it’s family owned and ran by Chinese but of course caters to a more “Caucasian” crowd with “Chinese” food.

This restaurant had a dine-in menu as well as a buffet. We just figured we won’t be a pain and order from the menu as there was really good looking food sitting at the buffet – so we opt’ed for that option. The owners felt that they should make us some fresh food to top off the buffet, and they insisted to do so, which was really nice!

I enjoyed many servings and rounds of food. Even though I didn’t have pictures of everything, I know I started with an assortment of food that they did have out! A bit of each and I soon realized I fell in love with their Peppered Chicken, so I had more every time I went back! The owners made more as well, to fill the buffet… so I almost felt the need to finish it all! I failed at that challenge, but it was delicious anyway!

I then went back and forth for a bit, and found that I also really liked their Chow Mein so I had plates of that too! I love buffets as I eat tons of what I find that I like! The only problem here was that there was too much I liked… and it was a long drive home!

Overall, we went here with an empty stomach and left really really full! The owner was telling us about Dry Island Buffalo Jump which wasn’t too far from there, so that’s where we went next! What a neat stop here at Three Hills! I’m sure we’ll be back someday! The owner sold some pet fishes from his tank, and I already mentioned next time I go there, I’ll bring a pet fish home!

E & W on Urbanspoon

E & W Family Restaurant – Chinese Buffet

1011 2 St N
Three Hills, AB
(403) 443-2388