Vegreville Train Station – Vegreville, Alberta

Vegreville was a place I knew I had to visit when I was in the Edmonton, Alberta area. I found myself in the area for the first annual Babas and Borscht up in Andrew, Alberta. This city has the largest Ukrainian Egg (Pysanka). While driving through the town, there was a posting for a restaurant at the train station – so we knew this is where we wanted our dinner.

We were in luck as it was a Saturday evening, and it was the only day this restaurant is opened, and they were packed! It looks like they have both menu service and a buffet, but they were so busy, we opted to just enjoy the buffet. We weren’t sure how it worked at first, but the locals here are extremely friendly and they kind of explained to “grab the food”! The buffet was great, it offered traditional Ukrainian offerings such as perogies, sausages, and cornmeal!

I picked a pretty bowl for my dinner, as it was pretty! The food was really enjoyable and we went back for seconds and thirds! I did end the dinner with their pistachio cheesecake, which was extremely delicious!

As we were paying, we noticed they had borscht and it was something I wanted through the day – it was my Ukrainian borscht day, and they had some here. We ordered some to-go as we were stuffed and enjoyed it in our hotel room in Edmonton instead! It was ridiculously good – it was the perfect way to end the night!!

Vegreville Train Station on Urbanspoon

Vegreville Train Station

4922 52 Ave
Vegreville, AB
(780) 632-2288

French Market – Orleans

My parents really like to go to Las Vegas, and I do follow them a few times when they go. They seem to really like the more “economical” priced places to eat – probably because how often they go. I found myself a little off the strip on Tropicana Avenue at The Orleans hotel, walking into a buffet called French Market.

The buffet is actually huge as there are many “stations” from different parts of the world. I did find that the buffet selection remains more or less the same through the days of the week. The stations feature Italian, Mongolian, Barbecue, American, Seafood, Mexican and Chinese cooking, as well as an oversized dessert bar!

I’ve got to say, I really enjoyed the selection. Even though there’s no way I could try a little of everything, I did get a huge plate of food, soup and dessert!

Overall, it’s a fabulous place to enjoy lots of food – and quite a large selection. The price as mentioned was really reasonable, and I believe my parents had a “B-Connected” loyalty card which gave them a discount as they qualified for “Young at Heart” coupons. Even without coupons, I was really happy with the price I paid!

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French Market – Las Vegas

4500 W Tropicana Ave
Las Vegas, NV
(800) 675-3267

Graze Restaurant and Grill – Calgary, Alberta

I’ve been going to Graze Grill once a year now for the last 5 years – and we only go on Valentines Day. They put out a really good Valentines Day Buffet at a really great rate! You don’t need to make reservations, but I have been doing it anyway the last 2 years.

The restaurant is located inside of Executive Royal Inn also known as the Royal Inn in Northeast Calgary. It’s really neat because I know that some flight crew that overnights in Calgary stays at this hotel – and sometimes you see them eating at this buffet for V-Day! The prices are really reasonable as well – as all other places really mark up their prices for this day, adults was only $25/adult in 2011. Sure, the selection isn’t HUGE as it is in a smaller hotel and really, how much selection do you need when the food tastes good? My favourite station of course is the carving station! We’ve had from beef roasts to prime rib and it’s always good!

This is a great buffet to go to in Calgary during special occasions because they care about the product of their food and they make it taste really good. The environment is really nice, warm and inviting. I’ve never tried their Sunday Brunch buffet before, but I’ve really never tried that anywhere in Calgary, except for a select few locations. It’s a place I’ll continue to go to annually for the special Valentines Day Buffet!

Overall, I think the buffet is well worth it! It’s got great food, and it’s close to a lot of amenities if you’re looking for something to do or somewhere to go afterwards. The dessert chocolate fountain is always fun too! Their desserts are quite decent as well! definitely hits the spot!

Graze Restaurant and Grill

2828 23 St NE
Calgary, AB
(403) 219-7484

MGM Grand Buffet

We don’t normally eat at buffets, but we did on this occasion, as the room I booked came with complimentary buffet. I stayed at the MGM Grand Resort & Casino which was a wonderful place to stay.

MGM Grand Buffet Entrance

The buffet was delicious, and there was a lot of food options. It was quite the Grand Buffet as you’ll definitely find something for everyone! They have from regular breakfast/lunch foods like potatoes, eggs, sausages, to much more exotic brunch items like sushi. Even the selection at the salad bar was massive, and the ingredients were fresh. They employees at the Grand Buffet keep the items stocked and that’s a great thing to see – as I’ve been to a few buffets that don’t refill to control their supplies and not meeting demands.

MGM Grand Buffet

One of my favourite stations from this buffet was the Smoked Salmon, they had two pieces of really nice salmon, and I’m sure I ate enough they would’ve frowned at me if they knew it was going into my belly – solely! I did try some of their sushi, and it wasn’t anything special, but I think it’s a special item for breakfast! This buffet is definitely trying to cater to as many ethnics and cuisines as possible!

MGM Grand Buffet - Sushi

To further enhance what I’m talking about regarding selection, even the selection of loaves was massive! There is really something for everyone, and it’s kind of too bad this was found at the back – because I really stuffed myself before I found the bakery selection!

MGM Grand Buffet - Pastries

I really enjoy desserts, and the dessert bar at this buffet is actually quite massive for a morning buffet. I’ve previously been to a buffet in Vegas last year and they actually do things like turn the ice cream machine off for the morning buffets, and everything becomes cookies, pastries, like croissants, breads and toasts and other morning goodies. At the Grand Buffet, they even have a large selection of sugar free desserts which is really pleasing to see!

MGM Grand Buffet - Dessert Bar

This is a great location and definitely a grand buffet! You can find traditional meal items to specialty items, and usually variations of all, plus everything in between! So, if you’re looking for selection, especially with the heated item selection – this could be a great option for you!

MGM Grand Buffet on Urbanspoon

MGM Grand Buffet
3799 Las Vegas Blvd S
Las Vegas, NV 89109
(702) 891-7777