Cacao 70 – Canmore, Alberta

I been trying to get to Cacao 70 for almost a year and I finally got an opportunity to go, and realized all the locations in Calgary are now closed. So we decided to just top off the gas and drive out to Canmore for lunch. Cacao 70 is located in a newer area of Canmore, and it’s a great location and I see a lot of potential here! I’m very excited for them as the place is comfortable with parking!

I ordered their Cacao 70 Signature Mocha and it was just delightful! It warmed me up immediately from the inside as it was nice and hot. I got my mocha with creamy milk chocolate and it was absolutely perfect!

We had to get a hot chocolate as you can’t be here without a chocolate drink, so we got a Spicy Hot Chocolate Torch which was a rich and decadent hot chocolate with torched marshmallows! There was a nice little kick in the hot chocolate as well!

I knew I wanted something sweet to eat and although I was thinking about waffles, I eneded up with their Strawberry & Cheesecake Crepe and the crepe was thin and beautiful, which wrapped a delicious cheesecake filling. There was an amazing berry sauce that topped the crepe and of course you can add a scoop of ice cream and smoother the crepe with chocolate sauce. What a delicious brunch!

For the waffles that everyone said was amazing, we got Choco-nut Waffles and this was a portion of perfectly cooked waffles with hazelnut and light & fluffy whipped cream. This was served with strawberries and banana which was super fun to just dip in the chocolate sauce!

We loved this place, the staff was so friendly and the food was amazing and perfect. We had a fantastic experience here and I have nothing negative to say at all.

Cacao 70 – Canmore, Alberta

302 Old Canmore Rd Unit 109,
Canmore, AB

Devil’s Table – Canmore, Alberta

This was a special place as I lost a co-worker from the Caribbean, and Devil’s Table in Canmore has their head chef that grew up on the same island as my coworker. It’s not the same town but same region so it was my little tribute and I needed to eat here for myself. This restaurant is inside a hotel which was really cozy and comfortable. We parked on the streets in the residential area, and walked over and it wasn’t a big deal.

I ordered their Shark bait which was Coconut Fennel Curry over red snapper and some shrimp, and it comes with grilled Focaccia to soak up all the sauce. The red snapper was absolutely delightful and definitely the star of the show. The coconut curry was really light, and it wasn’t overpowering at all!

We also ordered Buckaneer which Char Grilled Elk Burger, Boar Bacon, Smoked Cheddar, topped with a rum and pineapple ketchup and corn relish on a bun. This wasn’t a burger but a meat loaf really and it didn’t have a game flavour at all and with the balance of the sweet condiments it was perfect and refreshing!

We enjoyed the dinner so much that we even had dessert! They called it pudding on my receipt but it was a creme brulee! It was a custardy creme brulee and we enjoyed it thoroughly!

I really enjoyed my experience here and it’s not a place I would ever forget! The food, the service and the atmosphere was extremely amazing and it was a brilliant new cuisine type for this region!

Devil’s Table

709 Benchlands Trail,
Canmore, AB T1W 3G9

Peking Ginger Restaurant – Canmore, Alberta

We were having family in Canmore for a family function, so we decided to scope out some Chinese restaurants to make sure they’re worthy of bringing family there. One of our stops was the Peking Ginger right on Bow Valley Trail. Parking wasn’t too bad as it there was a little parking lot in front of the restaurant, which was a strip plaza.

Once we sat down, we ordered their fried rice, which they called Special Fried Rice, and it was pretty standard. I am very bias to fried rice as I have yet to find a place that makes fried rice as good as my uncles… so, if it’s “good”, it’s probably quite good. Although standard is standard, this fried rice was good! Simple things needs to be done perfectly.

The other dish we ordered, I quite enjoyed and Peking Ginger calls this dish Hot and Sour Soup with Sizzling Rice and this was pretty unique. What they do is basically bring out sizzling hot rice on an iron board and dunk it in hot and sour soup. As odd as it sounds, I really enjoyed this dish!

We had a pretty enjoyable lunch at this location. It was quite quiet when we went, but the food and service was pretty good. There was parking outside, which worked for us. We only needed one spot anyway.

Peking Ginger Restaurant

1702 Bow Valley Trail
Canmore, AB
(403) 678-3365