Signature Palace – Calgary, Alberta

We weren’t sure what we wanted to eat one evening, and we stumbled to the Southwest Calgary and found Signature Palace Restaurant which is in a strip plaza. The place isn’t difficult to find and there’s tons of parking. It seems like it’s a popular place as we kept seeing customers come in and out either dine in or take out!

As odd as this sounds, we started the dinner with an appetizer of Chicken Wings. They were large wings which made the price tag a little more bearable. It was over $10 for the plate of wings but they were really tasty, juicy, and crispy!

We ordered more lunch items of dinner, where we split a Beef Flank Noodle Soup, and the beef flank was tender and the portions was huge. The soup was quite tasty for being a plain soup. There was a few beef tendons which I love. We have always loved beef flank with the flat rice noodles and it made this dish perfect!

Then, we shared another of my favouriets, the Perserved Vegetables with Pork Noodle Soup and this was in rice vermicelli noodle soup – the way I know it to be. Tons of toppings and the portions again was really generous!

Overall, we were pleasantly surprised with the quality of food, and portion of size. The staff was really friendly and the bathrooms were cleaner than expected! This turned out to be a great place and we’re excited to go back one day to try a Chinese dinner here!

Signature Palace

1919 Sirocco Dr SW
Calgary, AB
(403) 246-8883

Loko’s Lounge – Bragg Creek, Alberta

We had an opportunity to try LoKo’s Lounge in Bragg Creek before the 2013 Flood. I waited to do this post hoping that it would survive the flood, but unfortunately it is one of those restaurants that didn’t make it. Hopefully with the support it seems to be receiving it will decide to reopen its doors.

It was a beautiful afternoon, pretty much weeks before the flood that we enjoyed this lounge outside on the patio. The river water levels were high, but didn’t think much of it as we started the food adventure with some Chicken Wings which they give you a pound of wings! We got them in Sweet Spicy Thai and they were amazing! The perfect wings, beautifully seasoned and fried with a crisp, even with sauce smothered on top!

We also had some soup – we ordered a bowl of their Joey’s Only Clam Chowder as this location was attached to Joey’s Only and I love seafood! The soup was so good – hot, creamy, full of clams and potatoes!

I was going to enjoy their Crispy Cajun Halibut Burger which to my shock was amazing! It was seasoned well again, and fried really nicely with a large and delicate piece of halibut! It was simple and it was all it needed!

Then, we ordered their Chicken Parmigiana Dinner which was a large meal as this was suppose to be lunch! The sauce was a little watered down, but still amazing! The piece of chicken was very generous!

Overall, we have an amazing time here! The service was friendly, the atmosphere was amazing and the food was perfect! The place is simple but so awesome.

LoKo's Lounge on Urbanspoon

Loko’s Lounge

404 7 Balsam Ave
Bragg Creek, AB
(403) 949-3336

Sunshine Vietnamese Restaurant – Calgary, Alberta

We decided to have more Vietnamese food as that’s a cuisine I really like that isn’t as expensive as some other types! So, we found Sunshine Vietnamese primarily by the large amount of positive reviews for this restaurant.

We ordered some Deep Fried Chicken Wings to start, and they give you plum sauce to dip your wings into. As odd as it sounds, we just ate the wings fried with no sauce. As odd as it sounds, I think I would like it more with a sweet chili sauce instead of plum… or a spicy plum sauce would be really interesting as well! The wings itself was fried quite nicely, we enjoyed them!

I ordered their Bun as I’ve been eating a lot of noodle soups lately. I decided to go for their Lemongrass Beef with Spring Rolls and it was a large portion of vermicelli! There was 2 full spring rolls and not too much beef on the top.

My husband has this amazing ability to not get bored of eating the same thing – over and over! So, he always goes back to what he likes, the Rare Beef Noodle Soup! I guess it does make sense if you’re comparing food – you’re eating the same thing at a different place! The soup here was really good and the flavours were deep, so it was better than some places we’ve gone too!

Overall, a great experience with a lot of options on their menu! The food is quite authentic and the service is friendly as well! We enjoyed our time here and hopefully we’ll be returning!

Sunshine Vietnamese on Urbanspoon

Sunshine Vietnamese

380 Canyon Meadows Dr SE
Calgary, AB
(403) 271-2214

Golden National Family Restaurant – Calgary, Alberta

I was really excited to see a new Chinese Restaurant pop up and it’s called Golden National which is a restaurant family owned and operated that began in High River. As we all know, I love small town Chinese/Western restaurants so I was really excited to come here and try it out – in the city!

We started with some Fried Chicken Wings which was really awesome! Although it seemed a little strange that both the middle piece and the drum was still attached together, it was really tasty! It was battered the perfect amount, fried nicely in clean oil to a perfect crisp, yet still juicy inside and then seasoned just enough for it to taste great but still have chicken flavour! My husband loved this and pretty much ate the entire dish.

We then ordered some Wor Wontons as it’s been a new trend that I do… I order it and see how much I like it. This one, I really loved. The soup was flavourful, the wontons was large and full of flavour. It was a generous portion and nothing to complain about.

Then, we ordered their Shanghai Noodle with Chicken, B.B.Q Pork, Shrimp and Szechuan Sauce which was a unique type of Shanghai noodles as those don’t normally have shrimp and it’s not normally spicy. This plate was delicious and no matter how spicy it got, we just kept eating it. It was addicting so we left absolutely stuffed and really satisfied.

Overall, the prices are really fair here with nice portion sizes and great food quality. Cleanliness and quality is important to them and I see great success if they keep it up! A special note, we ordered tea and they actually use really nice tea leaves – so fragrant and wonderful. The tea does cost $2/person which seems high, but it’s really nice tea. We’ll be returning and recommending this place to family and friends!

Golden National Family Restaurant on Urbanspoon

Golden National Family Restaurant

3 High Street SE
Calgary, AB
(403) 257-9777