Sunshine Vietnamese Restaurant – Calgary, Alberta

We decided to have more Vietnamese food as that’s a cuisine I really like that isn’t as expensive as some other types! So, we found Sunshine Vietnamese primarily by the large amount of positive reviews for this restaurant.

We ordered some Deep Fried Chicken Wings to start, and they give you plum sauce to dip your wings into. As odd as it sounds, we just ate the wings fried with no sauce. As odd as it sounds, I think I would like it more with a sweet chili sauce instead of plum… or a spicy plum sauce would be really interesting as well! The wings itself was fried quite nicely, we enjoyed them!

I ordered their Bun as I’ve been eating a lot of noodle soups lately. I decided to go for their Lemongrass Beef with Spring Rolls and it was a large portion of vermicelli! There was 2 full spring rolls and not too much beef on the top.

My husband has this amazing ability to not get bored of eating the same thing – over and over! So, he always goes back to what he likes, the Rare Beef Noodle Soup! I guess it does make sense if you’re comparing food – you’re eating the same thing at a different place! The soup here was really good and the flavours were deep, so it was better than some places we’ve gone too!

Overall, a great experience with a lot of options on their menu! The food is quite authentic and the service is friendly as well! We enjoyed our time here and hopefully we’ll be returning!

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Sunshine Vietnamese

380 Canyon Meadows Dr SE
Calgary, AB
(403) 271-2214