Boston Pizza Chinook Centre – Calgary, Alberta

This particular evening we were wanting to eat at Boston Pizza which is somewhere we use to go a lot, but has cut down. We went to the Chinook Centre location as it’s not only convenient, but we could also get some Christmas shopping afterwards! This location is one of the newest locations in Calgary, and I think it’s great!

I ordered the Baked Chipotle Bacon Penne which was excellent, with a nice spicy smokey chipotle taste which was kind of subtle, but enough to detect. This plate of penne was a large portion but was really good – it was penne with creamy alfredo sauce tossed with mushrooms, onions, tomatoes, and cheese. Then to make it extra special, they put a nice layer of cheese on top and baked it to oozy gooey yumminess!

For the pizza, we ordered Spicy Perogy Pizza and this was such a different type of pizza. Instead of your typical tomato pizza sauce, they use sour cream, and they line the pizza with potato slices. The toppings was delicious and it had lots of smoky bacon, cheese and green onions!

For dessert, even though we were super stuffed, we were convinced to try the Sticky Toffee Pudding and we’re so happy that we tried it. It was a delicious steamed chocolate sponge cake, topped with a scoop of vanilla bean ice cream smothered with rich caramel sauce.

The food at this location was phenomenal, and the service overall was excellent. The prices was right, and you’ll never know what kind of new menu items you’ll find from Boston Pizza. It’s not your typical Pizza Chain as it offers not only your usual suspects at a pizza joint, but it offers new and exciting menu items and even specialty items like gluten free dishes.

Boston Pizza in Calgary Chinook Center

232 – 6455 Macleod Trail SW Map
Calgary, AB
(403) 255-2525

Bliss & Co Cupcakes and Desserts

I had to give Bliss & Co Cupcakes and Desserts a try when my friends, and friends of friends say a place is good! It’s definitely not bad for a dessert/cupcake place with the convenience of a mall location. However, it doesn’t taste nearly as fresh as cupcakes from an actual cupcake bakery… and we have so many of those around the city!! It’s a good place to go if you’re really craving one and you just happen to be at Chinook Centre. The wonderful thing about Bliss is that they are Peanut Free which opens the door to MANY customers!

I found the icing to be hard – which makes me think “old” (sitting out all day)… which is the strangest thing as they seem to sell out of their cupcakes nightly. I love cupcakes and I haven’t been successful at making my own yet, but this one just doesn’t seem to satisfy me to the point of complete satisfaction. However, as mentioned – if I needed to fulfill my craving right then and there, it’ll do just fine! I’ve tried a few flavours in search of a better one, and from the list of strawberry, caramel bliss, after eight and island dream, my favourite would be After Eight as mint chocolate cupcakes is a fail proof combination. I was hoping that Island Dream would rank top, but it was just greasy tasting! 🙁

I do have pictures, somewhere… I’ll post them when I find them! 🙂

Bliss & Co Cupcakes and Desserts on Urbanspoon

Bliss & Co Cupcakes and Desserts

Chinook Centre 6455 Macleod Trail SW
Calgary, AB T2H0K5
(403) 281-8821

Calgary Stampede Breakfast

Stampede Breakfast: Pancakes, sausage, other great food, great location, great entertainment, FREE!

What’s there not to like about stampede Breakfasts?

3 of my favourite Stamped Breakfasts:
1. Family Day at the Stampede Grounds – Calgary Stampede has always offered a stampede breakfast at the Grandstand, thanks to Caravan Stampede Breakfasts. They offer great breakfasts throughout the city during the 10 days of the greatest outdoor show! I always end up at the Grandstand for the Caravan breakfast. I try to hit the other ones, but they’re usually on a weekday, and I don’t have time to enjoy them.

2. Chinook Centre Stampede Breakfast – in the parking lot of Chinook Centre, they also offer a Stampede Breakfast. I believe it’s privately held, and it’s a delicious one! Pack with tons of people, samples and coupons from stores at the mall, live music, pancakes with blueberries, coffee, juice, and a lot more – this truly is one of the best mornings you can have! They always have their stampede breakfast the 1st Saturday over the Stampede! 🙂 Be sure to support them!

  • Calgary Stampede Breakfast Chinook Center Big Crowd
  • Calgary Stampede Breakfast Chinook Center Pancake

3. McKenzie Towne Stampede Breakfast – located right on High Street in the Southeast, the roads are blocked for this event, it’s a large community gathering, and it’s fantastic! You get a lot of community support from local shops, with lots of activities for children and adults. The food they give is actually top notch! During my visit to the McKenzie Towne Breakfast, they had inflatable bouncy kids play area near the Sobeys, they had popcorn and other great treats for sale, as well, they had a lot of samples they gave out from the stores near and around High Street such as treats from the Groomingtails, and mini cupcakes from the Little Cupcake Shoppe. It was magnificent!

  • McKenzie Towne Stampede Breakfast on High Street
  • McKenzie Towne Stampede Breakfast on High Street - Treat for our pets
  • McKenzie Towne Stampede Breakfast on High Street Little Cupcake Shoppe mini Cupcakes
  • McKenzie Towne Stampede Breakfast on High Street
  • McKenzie Towne Stampede Breakfast on High Street - Odwalla Juice
  • McKenzie Towne Stampede Breakfast on High Street Line up for Breakfast
  • McKenzie Towne Stampede Breakfast on High Street - The Breakfast

Click for a list of 2011’s Caravan Breakfast Schedule

Phil & Sebastian Coffee Company

Ever craved a nice cup of coffee that just perfect, complete with foam art? Phil & Sebastian at Chinook Centre does just that! They make a wonderful tasting cup of coffee with a little something special on the top! It’s a wonderful treat and melts all the stress from the day away!

  • Phil & Sebastian Coffee Company
  • Phil & Sebastian Coffee Company
  • Phil & Sebastian Coffee Company
  • Phil & Sebastian Coffee Company - Latte

Phil & Sebastian Coffee Company on Urbanspoon

Chop Steakhouse & Bar (Chinook) – Calgary, Alberta

We arrived at CHOP the other night for a celebration of ours. We were super excited to try an upscale steak house, which was true!

We arrived about 6pm, and it was starting to get busy, but we were lucky and was able to grab a table. The atmosphere was really quite warm, and modern! It is a family friendly location, as well as it can be romantic as well as business gathering — really quite a versatile atmosphere!

We ordered the catch of the day, which turned out to be this wonderful piece of white fish, with sesame crust in a ginger soy sauce. It really was quite tasty.

We also ordered a piece of medium-rare prime rib, which was also tasty and tender.

As this was “celebration” night, we also ended the evening with a dessert. We ordered the Fallen Chocolate Souffle Cake and it was not good. This didn’t end our evening well. The chocolate fondant was extremely hard, and the layer underneath it was a strange marshmallow layer – which was suppose to be
mascarpone mousse. It didn’t look like a souffle, fallen or not, and it didn’t taste good either.

Chop Steakhouse & Bar

6605 Macleod Tr SW
Calgary, AB T2H