Homemade Sai Mai Lo – 西米露

Home Made Chinese Coconut Tapioca Dessert Recipe

There’s nothing more refreshing on a hot day, or just a blah day than a bowl of tapioca pudding (or better yet, soup) which is thick, flavourful and creamy!

Ingredients (makes 2 Chinese bowls)
1/4 Tapioca Pearls – 西米 (dried)
1/4 cup rock sugar
1 can coconut milk (165mL)
1/2 can 2% milk or evaporated milk (about 82.5mL)

First, rinse the tapioca pearls off well, it helps with getting rid of the “tapioca starch” sediments, so rinse with cold water. Then, let the pearls sit and soak for a few hours until it has at least doubled or tripled in size. The longer they soak, the less time it takes for them to cook!

I like to rinse the pearls again, before putting them in a pot of boiling water. So, bring some water up to a boil and pour the pearls in there. Don’t step away long if you have to, these pearls do cook up fast! The pearls will become clear or translucent – but pour them through a fine mesh strainer when there is a bit of whiteness still in the centre! Rinse WELL under cold water to stop the cooking process.

Meanwhile, pour the can of coconut milk and half a can (the can the coconut milk was in) of either milk or evaporated milk. Dissolve some brown rock sugar in the milk making sure the milk never comes to a full boil – otherwise, you’ll start getting a film on top when it begins to cool. You can also dissolve the sugar in some boiling water if you’re afraid of the film.

Once the mixture has combined thoroughly, stir in the pearls and you’re ready to enjoy! I like my sai mai lo both hot and cold, and since I can make 2 bowls with this recipe, I normally eat one right away and the other goes into the fridge!

If you don’t really want to make your own, a delicious option would be to get it at T&T Supermarket! They make a really good one, and it comes in a convenient cup, and it’s the same portion size! Their Sai Mai Lo is actually not bad at all!

Coconut Tapioca Dessert

Coconut Tapioca Dessert is a dessert which I can call my all-time favourite. I’ve tried to make this a few times myself, and it’s just not as good or as easy to purchase this cup of goodness from T&T Supermarket. 椰汁西米糖水 西米露

Tapioca Dessert

I really like to purchase a cup or two of this dessert, and put them in the typical “Asian” rice bowls, and it just looks very authentic. It tastes authentic and better than a lot of dessert places that claim they make it themselves. As I mentioned, I don’t bother making it anymore as it looks better and tastes better – without all the work. It’s not terrible for a price either as we get 2 bowls out of this cup for around $4.

Bowl of Tapioca Dessert

The only down-side about this product, it has a “best before date” of 2 days later. It’s not normally a problem – but you definitely can’t have it sitting in your fridge too long. This means, I don’t get to stock up on this product… and with me going to T&T about once a week or longer, it becomes a monthly treat.

If you really wanted to make it at home, there’s a simple recipe I came up with – it’s great if you’re looking for a small portion of sai mai lo as it makes 2 Chinese bowls of coconut tapioca pudding!

Spoon Me – Calgary, Alberta

If you love frozen yogurt, then this is a pretty neat place to go. If you’re looking for a nice creamy soft ice cream, this is not where to go! But, Spoon Me is quite a lot of fun as you get to choose which type of frozen yogurt you like, and as much as you like… then you get to put all sorts of toppings on to top it off!!

Each bowl of ice cream is weighted and that will determine how much your frozen yogurt will cost! I think this is a great place to bring kids, where they can get their frozen yogurt and lots of neat toppings — even gummy worms!

I tried the Green Tea Yogurt and I only put on coconut shreds and some milk chocolate chips and it was pretty neat!! I’m sure I could have made my cup of frozen yogurt really gross — really fast! The green tea yogurt was really quite odd, it’s not “green tea ice cream” flavour, it was like actual green tea made into a yogurt! It isn’t a flavour you can have a lot of in one sitting for me!

We also had a bowl of Mango Orange Yogurt and for the toppings, we had dark chocolate chips and walnuts and it was good also! The yogurt taste was really refreshing — great for a hot summer day! It wasn’t expensive — depending on how much yogurt and toppings you choose. It’s $1.79/100g and for me, as I didn’t take a lot of either, I thought it was very reasonable.

Spoon Me

#100 1130 Kensington Road NW
Calgary, AB