Coconut Tapioca Dessert

Coconut Tapioca Dessert is a dessert which I can call my all-time favourite. I’ve tried to make this a few times myself, and it’s just not as good or as easy to purchase this cup of goodness from T&T Supermarket. 椰汁西米糖水 西米露

Tapioca Dessert

I really like to purchase a cup or two of this dessert, and put them in the typical “Asian” rice bowls, and it just looks very authentic. It tastes authentic and better than a lot of dessert places that claim they make it themselves. As I mentioned, I don’t bother making it anymore as it looks better and tastes better – without all the work. It’s not terrible for a price either as we get 2 bowls out of this cup for around $4.

Bowl of Tapioca Dessert

The only down-side about this product, it has a “best before date” of 2 days later. It’s not normally a problem – but you definitely can’t have it sitting in your fridge too long. This means, I don’t get to stock up on this product… and with me going to T&T about once a week or longer, it becomes a monthly treat.

If you really wanted to make it at home, there’s a simple recipe I came up with – it’s great if you’re looking for a small portion of sai mai lo as it makes 2 Chinese bowls of coconut tapioca pudding!