The Bison Restaurant – Banff, Alberta

Banff has always been my favourite go to place, and I am always out there for whatever reason! This time, I was out there for Bon Appetite Banff which is their 3rd annual event, and we ventured out even with a snowfall warning! I made reservations at The Bison since it has been a place I’ve been meaning to go to, and this is the perfect time to try new places as they put out special 3 course meals at a set price. This restaurant is located on Bear Street, just off of Banff Avenue and it’s upstairs of The Bear Street Tavern.

We sat down and I ordered my usual drink of choice right now, I seem to have phased into a Virgin Cesars lately, I know, it’s just Spicy Clamato juice in a pretty cup – but who cares! I like it. It was still a tasty drink.

Once we got comfortable, a bread basket came and it was neat as the basket was tree bark! The bread wasn’t anything special, but I guess the butter was… she called it Butter with Olive Oil and Organic Sea Salt. I don’t have an opinion on it as it was kind of like greasy butter? I do appreciate flavoured butter, but I guess I don’t understand this one.

For starters, we had 2. The Bon Appetite menu offers a starter, a main and a dessert for each person… so we just ordered different things to share to get more variety. We had a bowl of Sweet Potato Soup which was absolutely fantastic, with roasted marshmallows on top and a strip of bacon! Everything is better with bacon and this soup needed the salt from the bacon as it’s a sweeter soup! I loved it and I think I will try to make something along the lines of this one day!

The other starter we got was their Seared Sea Scallops which was seared to perfection. It was as though they had one giant scallop and cut it in half on the plate, or they only seared the visual side. It was bare on the underside. Regardless, it was quite delicious and not over cooked or anything like that! It also had a strip of bacon!

Now that we’ve devoured the appetizers our main courses came out! I love seafood so I ordered their Maple Sake Seared Monkfish and it was a nice portioned sized monkfish perfectly cooked and seasoned on a bed of risotto. I love fish, so needless to say, I ate it all up!

The other entree we ordered, more for the husband was the Braised Bison Gnocchi and it had a TON of delicious braised bison on the dish. We weren’t use to the size of the gnocchi, but it was still delicious light pillows of soft potatoes, even though they were “king sized pillows”! This was a fantastic entree!

Now that we’re full and stuffed, we made room for dessert! I ordered their Milkshake with Cookie and it was good! I love any sorts of cookies and this one was pretty good! It was a cookie milkshake but it was quite runny of a shake with cookie crumbs in the bottom. It wasn’t my favourite milkshake as I like them thick and creamy!

The other dessert ordered was their creme Brulee which was a chai tea spiced creme brulee with a shortbread cookie. It was kind of funny as it looked like someone ate half of it! I guess I just would’ve used a shallower dish if I was going to only give the amount given. It was tasty, but I actually thought it was a pumpkin pie flavour, not chai!

Overall, we loved this place! The meal was delicious, the service was fantastic and we had a great window seat table where we over looked the parking lot across the street! It was very entertaining! It was a night to remember and hopefully we’ll be back for more dinners to come! This Bon Appetite dinner was $45 per person, but it was 3 courses – so it was quite alright! This dinner was worth the venture out during the snow storm for sure!

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The Bison

211 Bear St
Banff, AB
(403) 762-5550

Christie’s Birthday Cake Oreo

I was browsing at the grocery store when I felt like getting some Oreo cookies to have with my milk. Once I got to the Oreo section, I realized there as a Limited Edition of Oreo for their 100th birthday! It’s their Birthday Cake Oreo which looks delicious!

Once I opened the package, it smelled soo sweet, and it was sweet! There’s a reason why we eat these cookies with milk! The sweet scent is basically the vanilla smell from the birthday cake filling which has some pretty graffiti colours icing. This pretty treat was delicious, but it was a cookie that was easy for me to limit the amount I’m eating – from the sweet level.

Birthdays come once a year and it’s a fun time to celebrate! So, I was really happy to be able to celebrate with the Oreo cookie! I really like these sweet, delicious, fun treats!

Cookie Occasion – Calgary, Alberta

During a visit to see Fiasco Souped Up Food Truck in Calgary Marda Loop, I went to a place for cookies called Cookie Occasion which easily drew me to here as I love cookies.

I got to go get myself another cookie as I promised myself! This time, I got the Triple Sin Cookie and it was sinfully delicious. These cookies are made of the three common Callebaut chocolate chunks – dark, milk and white and they are all mixed into a great cookie dough! There’s really nothing quite like it!

The other cookie we purchased was Amaretto Almond Cookie and within the first bite, my mouth was exploding with almond flavours. These cookies are mixed in with Callebaut milk chocolate chunks, almonds and a splash of amaretto! We’ve never had a more almond tasting cookie before and it was really wonderful!

As much as I like cookies from anywhere, I can not get over how wonderfully delicious these cookies are, and the texture of the cookie is unlike any other. These cookies are a must try if you haven’t done so yet! You’ll see the difference, and you’ll thank me later! 🙂 But, note their hours are Monday – Saturday 10AM to 5PM!

Cookie Occasion

2107 – 33rd Avenue SW
Calgary, AB
(403) 246-6700

Caffe Beano – Calgary, Alberta

I’ve heard great things about Caffe Beano, and it’s be on my “to try” list for awhile now. I arrived at Caffe Beano hoping for a nice relaxing cup of coffee for a Saturday afternoon. We arrived around 2:30pm, and it was packed with thirsty guests. The entrance way was little, but there was a large seating area packed with customers. The nice thing about the day we choose to go, it was a great afternoon, and lots of people were outside enjoying the weather and their coffee! It made it really inviting.

I ordered a normal latte, as I’ve heard Caffe Bean does great foam art on their lattes. I think I got some fancy swirls, or a heart gone wrong or something!! Regardless, the latte was very strong in taste and it was nice!!

We also ordered a London Fog but somehow it got lost in translation and we got an Indian Tea instead. It was alright, it was a very flavourful Chai Latte which we enjoy anyway!

On the side, we decided to get a little something as we were planning to relax here for awhile — we got a croissant and a chocolate chip cookie. The Croissant was very flaky and soft, which was quite lovely, and the cookie… well, it was a little hard. It was a very brittle and flat chocolate chip cookie, which I prefer the soft gooey ones!

We found a little table right near the entrance way, but found that we were blocking the entrance for the customers to receive their drinks/products. Maybe the lay out could have been better… I don’t know. Regardless, do to the lack of space, it made me feel a little tense, so it wasn’t my type of environment inside. We ended up leaving right after we finished off our goodies. To conclude this journey to Caffe Bean, I was a little disappointed as it wasn’t my type of environment. Sadly, I don’t think I will be returning.

Caffe Beano

1613 9 St SW
Calgary, AB T2R
(403) 229-1232