Fiasco Souped Up Food Truck – Calgary, Alberta

I’ve been meaning to try Soup’ed Up from Fiasco once I heard that the Gelato truck was transforming into a soup truck. I finally had the opportunity to try one one weekend while they were in Marda Loop which is somewhere I don’t normally go to – but for them, I do!

We ordered a Lentil Lime Chipotle Chili and it was a hot, hearty, healthy, delicious chili. The lentils was cooked to perfection, as it wasn’t over or under cooked, and the spice in the chili was just perfect. The jalapeno peppers were of course spicy, but it is a jalapeno pepper! 🙂 The wonderful thing about this chili was the fact there was large chunks of bacon in the soup! It not only added a nice smokey flavour – which had a lot of it from the smokey chipotle powder – but it added great texture in the chili with bites to eat. Normally the chili’s have ground meat, and it’s nice this chili wasn’t like all the other ones, it’s something different and special!

I know the chili isn’t a soup, so we did order a soup too! We tried the Thai Chicken Soup and this is a delightful soup! It’s creamy, and coco-nutty, with Thai curry notes. It’s topped with a swirl of organic peanut butter which really enhances the creaminess texture of soup! This soup has got large pieces of chicken, and it’s mixed in with a lot of Thai flavours. This soup has the perfect balance of flavour – sweet, spicy, savoury, and sour – which is typical for a lot of Asian foods. The predominate flavours of this soup would be the lemongrass and coconut milk and it sure makes it delicious!

Each of the order comes with a delicious roll, and a recycled spoon, which is great. The bun was really great to either eat alone or with the soup. It was warm, light and fluffy on the inside, and perfectly crispy on the outside. It is very appropriate for the colder season!