Cacao 70 – Canmore, Alberta

I been trying to get to Cacao 70 for almost a year and I finally got an opportunity to go, and realized all the locations in Calgary are now closed. So we decided to just top off the gas and drive out to Canmore for lunch. Cacao 70 is located in a newer area of Canmore, and it’s a great location and I see a lot of potential here! I’m very excited for them as the place is comfortable with parking!

I ordered their Cacao 70 Signature Mocha and it was just delightful! It warmed me up immediately from the inside as it was nice and hot. I got my mocha with creamy milk chocolate and it was absolutely perfect!

We had to get a hot chocolate as you can’t be here without a chocolate drink, so we got a Spicy Hot Chocolate Torch which was a rich and decadent hot chocolate with torched marshmallows! There was a nice little kick in the hot chocolate as well!

I knew I wanted something sweet to eat and although I was thinking about waffles, I eneded up with their Strawberry & Cheesecake Crepe and the crepe was thin and beautiful, which wrapped a delicious cheesecake filling. There was an amazing berry sauce that topped the crepe and of course you can add a scoop of ice cream and smoother the crepe with chocolate sauce. What a delicious brunch!

For the waffles that everyone said was amazing, we got Choco-nut Waffles and this was a portion of perfectly cooked waffles with hazelnut and light & fluffy whipped cream. This was served with strawberries and banana which was super fun to just dip in the chocolate sauce!

We loved this place, the staff was so friendly and the food was amazing and perfect. We had a fantastic experience here and I have nothing negative to say at all.

Cacao 70 – Canmore, Alberta

302 Old Canmore Rd Unit 109,
Canmore, AB

Le Petit Mousse – Calgary Farmers Market

I found myself over at Calgary Farmers Market one morning and I was getting hungry, so I decided to make a little stop for a savoury crepe and I found Le Petit Mousse which was a little neat as it was all Asians working there.

I ordered their Merguez Lamb Sausage Crepe which was on what I believe buckwheat crepe which is gluten free. It didn’t leave the nice soft texture of crepes that I’m use to as this one wasn’t too smooth and it left holes in it.

This crepe came with some mustard as well as an odd coleslaw or almost sauerkraut, which I never used. I did like the mustard with the lamb sausages and there was quite a few pieces of the sausage. It was packed with flavour and a hint of spiciness! There was quite a bit of filling, but for $10, I haven’t convinced myself it’s a great deal yet.

Overall, I think I would’ve enjoyed their sweet crepes more due to the texture of the crepe. I’m sure I’ll try it one day! The crepe in general wasn’t too bad, but it wasn’t good either. It was just the lamb sausage that I really liked.

Le Petit Mousse on Urbanspoon

Le Petit Mousse

510 77th Avenue SE
Calgary, AB
(403) 514-0555

Crepe Delicious

I was wandering around the mall at The Core downtown, when I found myself craving a little treat! So, I walked around the food court near Holt Renfrew, and found myself inline for a crepe at Crepe De Licious! It’s an unusual treat for myself, but why not I figured!

This crepe location also sells frozen yoghurt as well, and there was a long line for them on that side. But, on the crepe side, there was just one lady taking her sweet time making the crepes. It took about 5 minutes before she even bothered looking up to see what I would like, and it took even longer to wait for the crepe to make it into my hands. So, already, I was hoping that despite the service, it would still be a great crepe!

I ordered the Chipotle Beef Savoury Crepe which doesn’t seem to be on their menu anymore… but it was a crepe with beef, lettuce, onions, tomatoes, and cheddar cheese topped with chipotle sauce. It wasn’t a bad tasting crepe at all actually, and it was worth the wait!! The best part was the last few bites when the sauce has started absorbing into the crepe, and all the deliciousness has dropped to the end! I really loved this crepe, and I think I will be back! I’m hardly even in downtown, so maybe I’ll give the one in Cross Iron Mills a try!

Crepe Delicious on Urbanspoon

Crepe Delicious

751 3 St SW
Calgary, AB T2P0B2
(403) 457-2425