Poppy Brasserie – Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise Alberta

I had the pleasure to eat at Poppy Brasserie while were were looking at Gingerbread Houses (Village) while visiting Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise. We had no reservations or anything, so we ended up whereever, and it was fantastic! Just located on the lower floor a little tucked aways is this great restaurant!

Once were were seated, with our drink orders taken, they came out with a fantastic bread basket that was warm and fresh! It was quite enjoyable!

We wanted to do a started so we opted for their Seafood Chowder and I must say it’s the best seafood chowder we have had to date. It sounds really odd, but it was fantastic! It doesn’t look like much, but it was creamy and velvety, with tons of flavours and seafood in this chowder!

As this was lunch, we decided we wouldn’t stuff ourselves with a full entree, so we ordered a Bison Burger which was better than expected. It was lean but tender and juicy of a patty. The toppings were minimal and perfect. The spicy arugula, with the with cheddar, smoky bacon aioli, sauteed mushrooms and topped with tomato chutney made a perfect bison burger!

Then, we had their Steak Sandwich which was a generous portion of 6oz striploin steak topped with blue cheese cream cheese on a wedge of grilled sourdough. Everything was cooked to perfection and you felt like you were eating from a true castle!

Overall, the experience here in the chateau was truly magnificent! The food and service was top notch, while the breathtaking scenery – there’s nothing that compares and makes your meal magical!

Poppy Brasserie – Chateau Lake Louise

111 Lake Louise Drive
Lake Louise, AB
(403) 522-3511

Rundle Lounge The Fairmont Banff Springs – Banff, Alberta

We had the opportunity to dine at the Rundle Lounge where we reserved a table for afternoon tea. It was beautiful and romantic – the setting was just picturesque. We didn’t have the best service, but everything else was very nice. We had a fantastic experience regardless of service and sometimes food is all we care about!

Once we were seated, the table was beautifully set and the menu was on our table with all the utensils we would need for afternoon tea, including our tea steeper!

We sat for a long time before the waitress even came to our table where she threw down our Fresh Berries which we didn’t know if we started to eat of what the issue was. So, we left it on the table until we got our tea. Along with the berries, she set down the Devonshire Cream and Strawberry preserve on our table.

I ordered the Empress Orange Pekoe which was quite nice. They describe the tea as black tea from India, Tanzania, Kenya, China and Ceylon. Not much of a description, but I do like Orange Pekoe as it’s one of the teas I consider “normal” and like anytime of day.

After our tea came, and we ate most of our fresh berries, our waitress brought out some scones, a sweet scone and a savoury one – which both tasted amazing!

From there, came the amazing 3 Tier Tower of goodies which is the highlight of the experience.

On the bottom tier, it was the Finger Sandwich tier with egg salad, smoked salmon, heirloom tomato, grilled vegetable, waldorf chicken sandwiches. My favourite from this tier would be the egg salad croissant. It was perfect in every way!

The middle tier had the Tea Pastries which had some mini madeleine cakes with a brownie on a stick dipped on chocolate as well as a mouse tart.

The top tier had the Petit Fours which was basically the sweet tier and the tier I love most. There was a lemon macaroon as well as a pistachio macaroon on this tier which is the best macaroon we’ve tried to date! There was also raspberry cheesecake on a cookie crust which was absolutely amazing!

Our overall experience was decent. The food was really good, the ambiance was superb and the service – well, it could have been better. We did enjoy our time, as we were looking forward to afternoon tea at the Rundle Lounge for a long time! This is definitely an experience you should try at least once!

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Rundle Lounge – The Fairmont Banff Springs

405 Spray Ave
Banff, AB
(403) 762-6860

Selkirk Grille at Heritage Park – Calgary, Alberta

We found ourselves at Heritage Park Historical Village for their Once Upon a Christmas event that was held there. When we got there, it was getting close to noon so we thought we would try Selkirk Grille which is located outside of the Heritage Park gates with no entrance fee and close access to free parking.

We started our lunch with a delicious Panko Crusted Crab and Shrimp Cakes which was 3 really delicious crab & shrimp cakes. The panko made the cakes really light and crusted with fluffy crunchy bites – it was really good. However, they seemed to only have heated one side of the cake, so only the top was really nicely crusted. I found that the inside wasn’t completely heated through, but it was “hot” enough! These shrimp and crab cakes sat in a puddle of red pepper aioli and tomato relish, and then topped with a roasted pepper.

As it was a lunch, I tried the Driview Farms Lamb burger which was a homemade lamb burger on a toasted golden grain bun Gorgonzola cheese, sweet and spicy onion marmalade Pesto aioli and arugula Kennebec potato fries or house greens salad. I got my meal with fries and it was good enough that I didn’t need gravy or ketchup! The burger is the best lamb burger I’ve had – it was a huge lamb patty cooked to perfection (medium, pink and juicy) with cheese that melted over the patty and topped with fresh veg! There’s nothing I don’t like about this burger!

We also ordered a delicious Bison Ragù Shepherd’s Pie Portabella mushrooms, tomato and rosemary ragù Whipped Yukon Gold potatoes Served with a house greens salad. This is a special lunch menu item, and we even recommended to the guests at the table beside us! The mashed potato top was light and fluffy, creamy and savoury! It was perfect alone! The Bison Ragu was an awesome and hearty stew with nice chunks of meat and it came out all nice, bubbly and brown! It sure was a Shepards Pie unlike any other!

Dining at the Selkirk for lunch seems reasonable in price. The food quality is really good for the main meal and it’s a wonderful family restaurant – or even a special occasion place!

Selkirk Grille at Heritage Park

1900 Heritage Dr SW
Calgary, AB T2V
(403) 268-8500

Giraffe – Waterloo London

During our trip to England, we had to visit London. Our first night in London, we met up with my cousin there and she brought us to Giraffe which was located on the Southbank near Waterloo. It was a beautiful location as it was right off the river, and a great place to stop in for a bite to eat as it was just beginning to pour that day.

I ordered a Smoothie as I wanted something sweet and fun! I tried the Mango Mama which was a smoothie made with mango, strawberry, banana, orange, apple juice. I ordered mine without the banana, since I’m allergic to bananas, so it wasn’t as thick and creamy. It was still a delicious drink though, full of fruit flavours! The best thing about this drink I must say was the awesome giraffe stir-stick standing in my smoothie! The giraffe was just tall enough so it’s head would stick out of the drink! My little nephew loved these giraffe stir-sticks too!

I wasn’t too sure what to try – the menu was massive, so I just picked something I thought I would enjoy instead of venturing off and trying something new. I ordered the Rodeo Chicken Burger which was a huge burger of grilled chicken breast with melted cheddar, fried mushrooms, BBQ sauce and onion ring. It had the usual condiment suspects such as lettuce, tomato and mayo. It was weird, as I’m not normally a fan of chicken breast – they’re normally kind of over cooked and dry, but this chicken breast burger was actually juicy, mouth-watering good! With the crunch from the onion ring, and the extra sauce from the BBQ sauce, it was a delight to eat this burger!

I split my meal with my husband, and he ordered Grilled Mojito Chicken which was something completely different from what we’ve ever ordered or tried to make at home. This was half chicken marinated in mint, lime and rum. Served with sin on fries and a home made poppy seed celery slaw. This half a chicken was really unique as it was infused with mint and lime flavour. It’s like no other roasted chicken, but it was extremely enjoyable.

My cousin enjoyed a Szechuan Sesame Noodles which was basically fried vegetables and egg noodles in a Szechuan pepper sauce with ginger, garlic, fresh mango and fried shallots. It was definitely Asian style and it must’ve tasted good as she almost finished the entire bowl. This bowl of noodles was the best smelling dish, and it looked really good as well!

My little nephew ordered a kids Pasta Pomodoro fresh penne pasta with pomodoro sauce, and of course he had fun eating this plate of food! He actually enjoyed it so much, he ended up eating it with his hands instead of his utensils! The little kid finished everything, and had some of our french fries as well!

Overall, this was an amazing place to eat! The atmosphere was fun, the prices was reasonable – especially considering the location of the restaurant! Best of all, the food was great, and the service was fine. Our favourite course from the evening would for sure be the Grilled Mojito Chicken, and we would order that again!


Southbank Centre
Belvedere Rd
London, UK

The Maple Leaf – Banff, Alberta

We took kind of a family trip out to Banff during the Canada Day long weekend. It was hard to find places to eat, so I made a reservation for The Maple Leaf for dinner. It was really nice, as we got to sit in the dining room which was on the second story looking out onto Banff Avenue. The atmosphere was really nice, our waitress was really good, and very well mannered & polite. It was a perfect place to end our evening out in Banff.

We sat down, and before long, our waitress came by with really good bread, with a Balsamic and Olive Oil dip. It was really good olive oil and balsamic!! One of the few that wasn’t too strong or too mild! So, immediately, I was already satisfied.

We started the evening with Pan Seared Calamari which was plated really lovely. I must say the portions for this appetizer was a lot smaller than I expected, but it tasted good – which is really what matters! The plate had some olives, spinach, and some toast with tomato bruschetta, chardonnay butter sauce.

we all ordered our own entrees, and we had ordered Braised Lam ShankRoasted root vegetables, olives, harissa, creme fraiche, almond & apricot gremolata.

The Apple Crusted Pork Tenderloin Apple sauce, hero mashed potatoes, mustard jus

Prime New York Beer battered onion ring, garlic mash potatoes, balsamic jus,

Bison Tenderloin Bacon wrapped, Benedictine blue cheese, potato gratin, cucumberland jus

To end the night, we even ordered a dessert, the Chocolate Torte which was beautiful and tasty.

The Maple Leaf

137 Banff Ave
Banff, AB
(403) 760-7680