Selkirk Grille at Heritage Park – Calgary, Alberta

We found ourselves at Heritage Park Historical Village for their Once Upon a Christmas event that was held there. When we got there, it was getting close to noon so we thought we would try Selkirk Grille which is located outside of the Heritage Park gates with no entrance fee and close access to free parking.

We started our lunch with a delicious Panko Crusted Crab and Shrimp Cakes which was 3 really delicious crab & shrimp cakes. The panko made the cakes really light and crusted with fluffy crunchy bites – it was really good. However, they seemed to only have heated one side of the cake, so only the top was really nicely crusted. I found that the inside wasn’t completely heated through, but it was “hot” enough! These shrimp and crab cakes sat in a puddle of red pepper aioli and tomato relish, and then topped with a roasted pepper.

As it was a lunch, I tried the Driview Farms Lamb burger which was a homemade lamb burger on a toasted golden grain bun Gorgonzola cheese, sweet and spicy onion marmalade Pesto aioli and arugula Kennebec potato fries or house greens salad. I got my meal with fries and it was good enough that I didn’t need gravy or ketchup! The burger is the best lamb burger I’ve had – it was a huge lamb patty cooked to perfection (medium, pink and juicy) with cheese that melted over the patty and topped with fresh veg! There’s nothing I don’t like about this burger!

We also ordered a delicious Bison Ragù Shepherd’s Pie Portabella mushrooms, tomato and rosemary ragù Whipped Yukon Gold potatoes Served with a house greens salad. This is a special lunch menu item, and we even recommended to the guests at the table beside us! The mashed potato top was light and fluffy, creamy and savoury! It was perfect alone! The Bison Ragu was an awesome and hearty stew with nice chunks of meat and it came out all nice, bubbly and brown! It sure was a Shepards Pie unlike any other!

Dining at the Selkirk for lunch seems reasonable in price. The food quality is really good for the main meal and it’s a wonderful family restaurant – or even a special occasion place!

Selkirk Grille at Heritage Park

1900 Heritage Dr SW
Calgary, AB T2V
(403) 268-8500