Oodle Noodles – Edmonton, AB

During one of our visits to Edmonton, I had an ex-coworker to me to try Oodle Noodles as she really enjoyed it. It’s very similar to our Wok Box, which has been something I liked for the convenience, but it’s not “authentic” and it seems to be the same story here as well.

Once inside the restaurant, there’s a giant menu that you pick from and then you walk up to the cashier, put in your order and pay for it. They have an open kitchen concept so you get to watch them make your food – which is pretty exciting! I love watching my food get made!

I ordered their Special Box with chicken as it sounded most interesting to me. Its thick noodles that I love with chicken and pineapples mixed with a sweet spicy sauce. It was really good as I love sweet, with spicy in my savoury dishes!

We also ordered their Thousand Year Flavour with beef, and they make it with the thick noodles and black bean sauce with ginger and vegetables. It was pretty flavourful for sure! Not a bad place to go pick up some quick Asian style food!

Overall experience was fun, but it’s something I’m not use to doing – however tons of other people seemed to enjoy it a whole lot more than myself. I think it has something to do with me being able to make it at home. I do prefer this over a mall’s food court though! 🙂

Oodle Noodle on Urbanspoon

Oodle Noodle

10009 170 St NW
Edmonton, AB
(780) 930-1884

Courtyard Edmonton Downtown – Edmonton, AB

As odd as it sounds, I really enjoy going to Edmonton as a trip – not to live, but we were there this one time and stayed at Courtyard Edmonton Downtown which was at a beautiful location where you can see the river from our room. The only weird thing about this hotel was the one-way streets that makes it a little tricky to get to the hotel.

Our room was beautiful, with a large bathroom and shower/tub, it was really quite a memorable bathroom. It felt old, but it was nice! The picture below was taken from the area beside the bath tub/shower (so it is on the left).

The actual room was gorgeous as well, and very comfortable and spacious. We had 2 queen beds

Overall, the stay was spectacular and the view was unforgettable! We enjoyed our stay and look forward to our next overnight trip to Edmonton!

Courtyard Edmonton Downtown

One Thornton Court
(99 Street and Jasper Avenue)
Edmonton Alberta

The Westin Edmonton Hotel – Edmonton, AB

I really enjoy over night stays during my weekend trips and this time I ended up at The Westin Edmonton which was at an ideal location in downtown. It was within walking distance to everything! The staff was extremely friendly and accommodating and the hotel was nicely renovated where the stay was really nice. We got a Deluxe Room with King Bed and the bed was extraordinary! We’re even considering ordering a bed for our home!

The actual room was huge and just a lot of space, with a mini bar area with a coffee machine, mini fridge and a tea kettle. Of course with complimentary water, coffee and tea. If you’re here for business, the desk is just massive – you could get a lot of work done here if you wanted! There was also a spa, gym and pool on site and underground parking.

The bathroom was a good size bathroom with really nice spa like bath amenities. It smelled good and the soap felt good on the skin, the shampoo/conditioner was really nice in the hair.

The stay was really luxurious and we enjoyed our room thoroughly. We had no complaints and although we wanted to try their on location dining, we didn’t do it – but maybe next time!

Downtown Edmonton Westin Hotel

10135 100th Street
Edmonton, AB T5J 0N7
Phone: (780) 426-3636

Bistro Praha – Edmonton, Alberta

I was recently in Edmonton to celebrate my birthday and we stumbled to Bistro Praha as it was walking distance from our hotel located in downtown Edmonton. I recognized “Praha” from my travels to Czech a few years ago, so I figured it was European food here – which I loved! We went inside and it was quite busy but they had a table for two, just for us!

We wanted to start the dinner off with some appetizers and we picked some out on the menu – until I found in the soup section some Bistro Beef Goulash “Zhorelec” which was basically a beef stew with some Czech bread, which is known as dumplings. This dish offered tender and juicy pieces of beef flank and with their Czech bread to soak up the sauce, it was almost a meal on it’s own!

For dinner, I ordered the Wiener Schnitzel which came with a salad. The salad was really large and I asked for their green garden salad which the dressing was an interesting vinaigrette! It was light and refreshing, and actually quite tasty!

The Wiener Schnitzel was amazing! A tender piece of veal perfectly tender and juicy – pounded thin with a crunchy crust! Although this is a Vienna specialty, they seemed to have mastered it! It did taste as good as the Schnitzels I had in Vienna! This dish I would recommend to anyone as it was just delicious!

The other dinner entree picked by my husband was their Smoked Boned Pork Hock which I should start by saying I absolutely love ham, and smoked ham tops off my list. Here, they serve this generous portion of ham with some Czech bread and mustard and it was divine! The pork was fall of the bone tender and extremely juicy!

With this entree, we got the tomato salad which was much more interesting than it looks! It was both sweet and tangy and very refreshing! A perfect salad to a hot day!

Overall, this was an amazing place to celebrate my birthday dinner and I would recommend it to anyone for any reason! The food was amazing, service was great and the prices were decent – well worth it for a taste of Eastern Europe!

Bistro Praha

10117 101 St NW
Edmonton, AB
(780) 424-4218

La Ronde Revolving Restaurant‎ – Edmonton, Alberta

We were going through Edmonton numerous times this summer, and we ended up staying at Chateau Lacombe Hotel in downtown Edmonton. It was getting late and we were hungry, so we went upstairs to their revolving restaurant for dinner at La Ronde Revolving Restaurant. It was a really nice place and we got seated immediately even though we didn’t have reservations for the evening. We couldn’t get a table by the window, but it didn’t matter!

Once we were seated and ordered, a bread basket came out! The bread was quite nice, light and fluffy on the inside with a nice crust! We had quite a few slices – for both reasons of being hungry and it being really delicious!

We don’t always get starters, but this particular day we decided to go for some Escargots and they had tons of pieces of snail. Some were quite large in size as well! The escargots were sauteed with mushrooms in a cognac cream sauce, and it tasted as good as it looks!

My entree that I ordered for myself was their Char Grilled Yellowfin Tuna and it was cooked to awesomeness! It was tender and juicy and the portion was really generous! I really enjoyed my meal!

My husband also had an excellent meal! He ordered their Prime Rib and it was really tender and soft, tons of flavour! It was one of the better prime ribs we’ve had! He liked it as it wasn’t full of the “sides” with his meal, just a nice piece of dead meat!

With dinner working out so well, we knew we had to try their desserts! We were stuffed but we ordered their feature dessert which was Cheesecake with Strawberries and it was divine! I loved it and must’ve eaten 80% of the cheesecake!

Overall, this place was phenomenal! We loved it from beginning to end. The service was top notch, the food was definitely delicious and memorable, the atmosphere was great! We enjoyed ourselves thoroughly! This restaurant is basically only opened for dinner, but they do have lunch on Saturdays only.

La Ronde Revolving Restaurant‎ on Urbanspoon

La Ronde Revolving Restaurant‎

10111 Bellamy Hill
Edmonton, AB
(780) 428-6611