Dream Tea House – Edmonton, Alberta

We did a lot of road trips this summer and this particular one, we stopped by the University area in Edmonton for some “Bubble Tea” at a place called Dream Tea House. The location of this tea house is quite idea as it’s right on 104th Street! It was easy to find parking and to find in general. There are tons of people here for both dine in and take out!

I didn’t take a lot of pictures while I was in here, but my husband and I each got a drink. He ordered his favourite, Jasmine Milky Tea with pearls. I ordered either the Lychee Bubble Tea or Pineapple Bubble Tea, as those are my go-to drinks… but I just can’t remember what I picked here! LOL! I know my drink didn’t have pearls, as I don’t like them. I tend to choke on them…

This was an after dinner snack, so we only ordered some Salt and Pepper Wings which was pretty good! It had tons of pepper and it was fried perfectly! Super crispy skin and juicy meat!

I like this place for the drinks, I think the wings weren’t worth it, but at the same time, I just finished dinner before heading over here! So, I may have just been too full! The 6 wings were $4.99, which wasn’t the end of the world. I think next time I’m in this area, I’ll space out my meals a bit better, so it’s not so skewed of a review…

Dream Tea House on Urbanspoon

Dream Tea House

7912 104 St NW
Edmonton, AB
(780) 988-7878

Chateau Lacombe Hotel – Edmonton, Alberta

We went for a little road trip and needed to stay over in the Edmonton area, so we booked a room in downtown at Chateau Lacombe Hotel which is just at the river. The hotel was beautiful and the rooms were very spacious.

We stayed in their regular guestrooms with a king bed, and it was really nice. There was a lot of space in the rooms even though the shape of the room was a little skewed.

The bathrooms were your typical hotel bathrooms, so it was nice it was standard and clean.

The room offered nice work space and a big TV so it’s great for any type of travelers that would need a hotel in this area!

This was a great hotel and the dining from either their Lacombe Cafe for breakfast, or the revolving restaurant up on 24th floor offered really delicoius food! We wouldn’t have a problem booking a stay at this hotel again! Click below to see the complete hotel room walk through!

Chateau Lacombe Hotel – Edmonton, AB

10111 Bellamy Hill,
Edmonton, AB Canada
Tel 780.428.6611 Fax 780.425.6564

Vegreville Train Station – Vegreville, Alberta

Vegreville was a place I knew I had to visit when I was in the Edmonton, Alberta area. I found myself in the area for the first annual Babas and Borscht up in Andrew, Alberta. This city has the largest Ukrainian Egg (Pysanka). While driving through the town, there was a posting for a restaurant at the train station – so we knew this is where we wanted our dinner.

We were in luck as it was a Saturday evening, and it was the only day this restaurant is opened, and they were packed! It looks like they have both menu service and a buffet, but they were so busy, we opted to just enjoy the buffet. We weren’t sure how it worked at first, but the locals here are extremely friendly and they kind of explained to “grab the food”! The buffet was great, it offered traditional Ukrainian offerings such as perogies, sausages, and cornmeal!

I picked a pretty bowl for my dinner, as it was pretty! The food was really enjoyable and we went back for seconds and thirds! I did end the dinner with their pistachio cheesecake, which was extremely delicious!

As we were paying, we noticed they had borscht and it was something I wanted through the day – it was my Ukrainian borscht day, and they had some here. We ordered some to-go as we were stuffed and enjoyed it in our hotel room in Edmonton instead! It was ridiculously good – it was the perfect way to end the night!!

Vegreville Train Station on Urbanspoon

Vegreville Train Station

4922 52 Ave
Vegreville, AB
(780) 632-2288

Edmonton Hotel and Convention Centre

Edmonton isn’t a place where we go, unless we truly have to. Lately, my other half has been going to Edmonton once in awhile for business, and he’s been staying at the Edmonton Hotel & Convention Centre which was formerly a Holiday Inn hotel. This hotel has just gone through some updating and renovations making the interior much more modern. This review is of the Executive King Suite which offers a lot of amenities in a hotel room. The room itself is fairly large and it offers a kitchenette, seating area and a glass divider to separate the room for the business side to the personal side. This glass sliding divider isn’t frosted to ensure privacy like the website leads you to think. But, I think they did this as the room offers 1 TV, and it’s in the “bedroom” part of the suite – so when you’re sitting in the sitting area, you can see the TV.

The bathroom is quite a beauty, the shower is modern and offers some body jets. The pressure and temperatures of the shower is very reasonable, making a nice home away from home feel,with a clean, sleek, modern design. The bathroom is large/spacious and offers yours standard bathroom amenities.

The actual room itself is large, and very comfortable. As mentioned, there is a kitchenette, which includes a small fridge and microwave making longer stays much more comfortable – or even left over meals, or packed lunches for the following day. There is even a little dining area as well, which is really neat! This suite has more than enough seating area for guests and visitors.

Here is a quick walk-through of the room that was used during the visit to Edmonton.

Edmonton Hotel & Convention Centre

4520 – 76 Avenue NW
Edmonton, Alberta
T6B 0A5