Wendy’s Macleod Trail South – Calgary, Alberta

A random day before we were goign to meet up with some friends I figured I was hungry and it will be awhile before we eat again, so we decided to pre-eat dinner and grab a burger! While driving closer towards where we were going to meet up, we saw Wendy’s and decided to take a quick detour.

This Wendy’s is quite new looking as though they recently did some renovations – from the inside and outside. Wendy’s was having their annual Cod Fillet Sandwich promotion on again, so we took their North Pacific Cod Meal to share!

The meal was really good and the fish burger was fantastic! It was flaky, tender, and quite delicious! Not too much condiments which helps bring out the fish in the burger instead of masking it! The burger was topped with dill tartar sauce and crunchy dill pickles. The light panko batter was light and crispy. All on a warm buttered bun. It was amazing!

Overall, this was quite a wonderful stop! We really thought the parking lot was a little weird, but everything else here was quite amazing. I did find it a tad strange there was a slice of cheese on it – and I’m not sure if it was suppose to be there… but it was ok.

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7109 Macleod Trial South
Calgary, AB
(403) 253-5333

Big Fish Dockside Seafood Restaurant – Calgary, AB

I was looking for an occasion to try Big Fish and really didn’t have one, but I wanted to go anyway – so we did. Located right on Edmonton Trail, you got street parking as an option. The restaurant is a little one, so it is best you make a reservation.

I really enjoy eating crab cakes, so I ordered their Crab and bay Shrimp Cakes so I ordered some and they were quite tasty. The taste and texture was really amazing, with the citrus aioli, it was a fantastic pairing.

Our other started was the Seafood Chowder which was quite hearty and filled with tons of seafood and flavour. I really liked it as it wasn’t rich or heavy, so it was a really good starter.

I ordered the Seafood Pot au Feu and it was interesting! It looked and smelled amazing and it actually tasted quite good, until I ate a piece of some fish that was in here and it left a terrible after taste in my mouth that I couldn’t get rid of for the rest of the night. I’m not even sure what it was, but I couldn’t finish the fish from there after – but I ate everything else!

My husband ordered the Pistachio crusted Artic Char and that tasted really amazing! There was enough pistachio on it that you knew what it was and it left a nice crust on the char! The portion was large and the char was perfectly prepared. It was pretty unique and amazing!

Overall, we had quite an amazing time! We think about returning for their oyster specials on Mondays and just to relax with those and some friends. So, we’ll be back to trying other things!

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Big Fish Dockside

1112 Edmonton Trl NE
Calgary, AB
(403) 277-3403

Ocean Brand Fish – Tuna SnacKit

I love fish, and I love tuna fish – even if it’s got to be out of a can. Ocean’s Brand tuna fish is a great product, and when they made it into a SnacKit, it was a brilliant idea for me to purchase lots!

These portable kits are complete with a small can of tuna fish mixed in low-fat mayonnaise, a little package of 6 crackers, napkins and a small spoon makes this treat great anytime!

I actually find there’s not enough crackers for the amount of tuna they give, but it’s no big deal at all! It just means my crackers get to be LOADED with delicious tuna fish.

The taste of the tuna is quite “fresh”, as fresh as can be out of a can. The flavours are quite delicious, and it’s got the right about of mayonnaise, with the perfect amount of seasoning!

Be sure to browse their website for more flavours and snack ideas – Ocean Brand

Bow Habitat Station – Sam Livingston Fish Hatchery

Bow Habitat Station is comprised of both Pearce Estate Park Interpretive Wetland and Sam Livingston Fish Hatchery located at 1440 17A St SE, Calgary, AB

The actual hatchery was really informative as you’re able to see the entire raising of the fish from egg to adulthood. In this particular hatchery, they raise 6 species which are:

    Rainbow Trout, oncorhynchus mykiss
    Brook Trout, salvelinus fontinalis
    Brown Trout, salmo trutta
    Cutthrat Trout, oncorcynchus clarki
    Bull Trout, salvelinus confluentus
    Artic Grayling, thymallus arcticus

At the time we went, they were raising mostly Rainbow trout, and here are the steps before they get pumped to lakes for civilians to fish in the summer.

  • Sam Livingston Fish Hatchery - Entrance
  • Sam Livingston Fish Hatchery - Incubation Sorter
  • Sam Livingston Fish Hatchery - Incubation Room
  • Sam Livingston Fish Hatchery - Stages of growth of eggs
  • Sam Livingston Fish Hatchery - Rainbow Trout Fingerlings
  • Sam Livingston Fish Hatchery - Early Rearing
  • Sam Livingston Fish Hatchery - Rainbow Trout
  • Sam Livingston Fish Hatchery - Rainbow Trout Feed
  • Sam Livingston Fish Hatchery  - Final Burrows Pond in Hatchery for the Rainbow Trout

The first step in this Hatchery is to collect the eggs, which are collected either in the wild while or from the Raven or Allison Creek brood trout rearing stations where the brood stations raise adult trout specifically to supply fertilized eggs to the hatcheries. They raise these eggs in the incubation tray.

Alevin to Fly – after the eggs hatch, they have a phase where they have a little yolk sac, at this stage, they are alevins. Once the yolk sac is gone, they become fingerlings. They will move these fingerlings into tanks where they become large enough to get transported to the Burrows pond. In the final burrows pond, the rainbow trouts are about 23cm long and about 14 months old.