Ocean Brand Fish – Tuna SnacKit

I love fish, and I love tuna fish – even if it’s got to be out of a can. Ocean’s Brand tuna fish is a great product, and when they made it into a SnacKit, it was a brilliant idea for me to purchase lots!

These portable kits are complete with a small can of tuna fish mixed in low-fat mayonnaise, a little package of 6 crackers, napkins and a small spoon makes this treat great anytime!

I actually find there’s not enough crackers for the amount of tuna they give, but it’s no big deal at all! It just means my crackers get to be LOADED with delicious tuna fish.

The taste of the tuna is quite “fresh”, as fresh as can be out of a can. The flavours are quite delicious, and it’s got the right about of mayonnaise, with the perfect amount of seasoning!

Be sure to browse their website for more flavours and snack ideas – Ocean Brand