Subs ‘N’ Bubbles Food Truck – Calgary, AB

I was just roaming around Sunfest when I headed down a side street towards all the food trucks. This food truck caught my attention as I love Vietnamese Submarines – so I got an order from Subs ‘N’ Bubbles which smelled the best too (in my opinion!) This food truck was well decorated so I’m sure if I spot it again, I’ll be eating from it!

I ordered a nice bubble tea as it was a hot day with a gentle breeze! I tried their Mango Coconut Bubble tea with Lychee Jelly which at first tasted a bit like bubblegum and mango! I didn’t get much coconut taste, but I did enjoy this drink. I’m not a huge fan of pearls, so the option to have lychee jelly was awesome!

For the sub, I guess I ordered one of their most popular… their Korean Pork Bulgogi Subs which is a neat fusion! I love the flavours of the meat, it was jammed packed with deliciousness! There was enough sauce to make the bun moist but not drench the entire thing to make it soggy or even fall apart! It was just perfect! We added the cheese and it is the way I will have it again!

I thoroughly enjoyed eating from this food truck! It smelled great, it tasted great, the service was quite quick, but the prices are a tad high for street food. It held the price tag of the same food, but for a dine-in place. The nice thing was, it was full size and like I’ve mentioned numerous times — it tasted great! I think I will have to try their Butter Chicken sub next as that would be a great fusion as well!

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Subs n Bubbles Food Truck

Cheezy Bizness Calgary Food Truck

OK, so, it’s been awhile since my visit to Cheezy Bizness Food Truck, but better late than never! We went to try this food truck during the first annual Sundown Chowdown at the Calgary Farmers Market. It was a lot of fun, but I don’t think any of the food trucks was prepared for the amount of people that showed up for it! Swarms of people lined up for all the trucks ranging anywhere from a 45minute wait just to get to the window up to 2 hours!! We went in a group, and we each lined up for a different truck – so we kind of know how long it took. We just tagged each other out so we all waited for something at one time or another.

One of the last trucks we lined up for was the Cheezy Bizness truck, where we waited that day in line for almost 2 hours and another 45 minutes to wait for the food to get picked up – after we pay for them. I think they were definitely in overload mode! By the time we got our sandwiches, we were eating in the dark under a street light! It was fun and quite the experience. I ordered the Aloha Arkansas as I love anything with pineapples in it! This lovely grilled cheese sandwich was actually $9.50 and had pulled park, pineapple and smoked cheddar. It was delicious! It was one of the best grilled cheese sandwiches I have ever had!

Then, the last sandwich we ate was the Home on the Range grilled cheese sandwich made with Silver Sage slow roasted beef with shaved red onion, Brassica mustard and horseradish aioli, cheddar and gruyere cheese.

I know the pictures are extremely hard to see, but the picture was either killed with the bright flash, or these ones with more detail underneath the street lights. This just means I will have to try Cheezy Bizness again another day! I really enjoyed their grilled cheese sandwiches, but I enjoy any grilled cheese sandwiches. However, to experience it out of a truck, you can only get from the Cheezy Bizness food truck!

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The Naaco Food Truck – Calgary

So, I’ve been eying The Naaco Truck since the day it came on to the streets of Calgary! They were at the Calgary Stampede but I really wanted to eat “Stampede Food” at there as I knew I would try The Naaco truck any other time! Well, I found time to try, and it just happened to be at Calgary Farmers Market during their first annual Sundown Chowdown which was a great event! I would say it was really successful!

The line ups were insane the entire night!! We had some friends lining up for Fries and Dolls and after about 90 minutes, they were told that food truck ran out of fries, but they were going to replenish the stock soon… so, they waited a total of 3 hours for some fries. Then, some other friends waited in line at Cheezy Bizness, which was a little worse really! It was about a 2 hour wait just to put in an order and another 45 minutes before we got the product! Luckily, the line at Naaco Truck wasn’t as bad. It was about an hour wait to get to the front of the line and about a 10-15 minute wait for the food. I think it was very successful knowing that other trucks weren’t as quick – and worse, other trucks ran out of food!

We ended up ordering a Beef Vindaloo, which was really good, made with tons of fresh ingredients such as their fresh vegetable slaw! This package of good food came on a piece of naan, topped with braised beef, feta, sprouts, yoghurt chutney and of course the vegetable slaw! This treat is also called the Gutsy Goan, and we were expecting more heat to it, but it is catered to the average crowd which may not take as much heat in their food.

To kick up the order up a notch or two, they did have some flavour salts that you can sprinkle on top! By the time I realized it existed, I felt bad for taking up the counter space and wanted to move out of the way so the next customers could get their order – so I didn’t get a chance to try either of their Inca Fire salt or West African Citrus spice salt…

The other order that we had was their 5 Spice Pork, which is kind of strange as I don’t think of pork with I think of “East Indian Culture or Cuisine”, but it doesn’t matter! The other thing to me was, 5 Spice is more “Chinese Asian” cuisine, but I ordered it anyway! This was really delicious and I’m glad I ordered it!! In fact, I recommend this! It’s a naan topped with shaved pork, fresh veggies slaw, sprouts and apricot tarragon chutney! The mixture of sweet and savoury is undeniably delicious! I love the braised pork alone or together with the naan taco!! I will definitely be back to the Naaco truck again!

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Curbside Grill – Calgary Food Truck

I love visiting food trucks that are parked at Deerfoot Meadows, but this time, I went to Shawnessy, which was okay. We did it to purposely visit Curbside Grill, which is a new food truck that has hit the streets of Calgary offering burgers, sausages and fries.

It was a late lunch, and I must say we were hungry! We ordered a Poutine which was about $6. It was quite expensive, but it was stuffed with french fries and good gravy drizzled all over it. The cheese curds they used are really good too! I like the poutine more than just normal fries that came with my burger combo.

The hamburger combo that we ordered was the Double Cheese with Fries combo – and it also came with a drink for $10. It’s kind of funny, now that I look at the menu that I took a picture of, I don’t think I got my pop. Oh well, it’s not a big deal. The burger itself was pretty delicious, however the bun was crumbly! It didn’t hold the burger with all it’s dressings properly. It felt like where I hold the bun, it crumbled and fell apart. I’m not sure if it’s because the bun has been previously frozen or just a bun that shouldn’t be used to hold such a big burger… or maybe the bun just needed to be warmed up slightly to soften. Regardless, since I was making such a mess trying to hold the bun, I just discarded the bun and ate the burger “as-is”. It was delicious and the meat had lots of juices running throughout!

We also ordered a Bacon Swiss – Sausage on a Bun and this one was interesting! It was a giant sausage in a hot-dog bun, and the sausage was really tasty! I can’t say I could taste the bacon, but the sausage alone was really good! I did add some condiments to my sausage and this was pretty enjoyable!

Overall, the food truck wasn’t bad at all! The food was fast and quite reasonable. Price wise, I think comparable to other food trucks, as the sausage in a bun was $6. I did have fun here, and I think I would definitely change out the hamburger bun as it would make a better experience!

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Vasili Food Truck – Calgary

Canada Day this year was exciting as we went down to Prince’s Island Park for some festivities, dinner and fireworks! On top of all that, it was cold and rainy (on and off), but it was made better after visiting Vasili’s Food Truck which was parked on the East side of Centre Street bridge.

We walked by and saw the food truck, and knew that was going to be our dinner!! I ordered the Twisted Pig which really was marinated pork wrapped in pita with some fresh vegetables and topped with tzatziki sauce and feta cheese. This was my favourite from the 2 items we ordered. The meat was tender, juicy and full of flavour. Then, you put it with pita, fresh veggies and tzatziki sauce… what’s not to like?

We also ordered their Zeus Sub which essentially was meatballs on a sub bun topped with feta, sweet peppers arugula and aioli. The meatball was huge, so there was tons of meat in the sub! It’s a really cook take on the classic “meatball sub”, and I can say I like this one more!

Overall, it was a really nice experience eating from Vasili’s! The food was fresh, and the balance of flavours was great! Each of the items we purchased for dinner was $8, which isn’t bad at all! Where else are you going to get something for around that price!? I enjoyed it thoroughly!

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