Ici Ice Cream – Berkeley, California

We heard about an amazing ice cream place in Berkeley and although I am a little sick, I figured I’m going to have ice cream anyway! 🙂 We ventured and found Ici Ice Cream which is located right on College Avenue. They do have street parking along the sides, and be prepared to wait in line outside as the shop is a small one with tons of customers!

We decided to try their Pumpkin Caramel Swirl flavoured ice cream in a dish and it was amazing. It definitely tasted almost like a pumpkin pie and it almost seems like it can have the texture of a frozen pumpkin pie filling. It was amazing and very enjoyable. You get pieces of frozen caramel swirl within the ice cream so it’s a nice treat when you get some!

We also got the Vanilla Creme Brulee in their home made waffle cone! The cone was really different but it was really tasty. Definitely not too sweet at all, and it had a chocolate nugget at the bottom to stop ice cream from dripping down as it melts. The ice cream was amazing and there was pieces of the broken burnt sugar from the brulee which added nice texture to the ice cream!

We love local shops and stores and we have no problem waiting for a good one. This place was worth the wait! A great treat any day!

Ici Ice Cream on Urbanspoon

Ici Ice Cream

2948 College Ave
Berkeley, CA
(510) 665-6054

D Dutchmen Dairy – Sicamous, British Columbia

I really love dessert, and last time we were in the Sicamous area, we saw this Ice Cream place called D Dutchman Dairy and we tried to go there. We pulled right into their parking lot only to see them switch the sign over from “OPEN” to “CLOSED”. We said next time we’re in the area, we have to stop there. This was our opportunity!

Once inside, there was a wide array of flavours and I settled for one of my favourites, Coconut Ice Cream and it was nothing like I have had before. It was really creamy and light, yet tons of coconut flavour. It wasn’t rich, as it felt really delicate. It was pretty awesome and even the cone tasted pretty good.

My husband enjoyed one of his favourites, the Mocha Almond Fudge and he really enjoyed it. I tasted it and it was a nice mocha based ice cream with almond slivers swirled with dark fudge chocolate. It was really delicious. The ice cream base is amazing and we believe they get their dairy from the dairy cows from behind the shop and make do their own creamery.

Overal, this has been one of our favourite ice cream places we have ever been too! It’s definitely worth the trip out and I’m sure I will be back to try other flavours!

D Dutchmen Dairy on Urbanspoon

D Dutchmen Dairy

1321 Maier Rd
Sicamous, BC
(250) 836-4304

Village Ice Cream – Calgary, AB

I’ve always loved ice cream and when I heard there’ a great place in town, and it’s opened till late, I was there!! This location can be a tad hard to find and parking is kind of limited right now are there’s road closures do the the flood, but there’s tons of streets for you to park and enjoy Village Ice Cream. There’s no tables or chairs but there’s tons of room outside for you to enjoy your treat outside – or you can purchase it an take it home!

This day, I enjoyed their Toasted Coconut Ice Cream and I love that it tastes like what it says it’s suppose to! It’s not a subtle taste either, it’s awesome! There’s nothing I like more than ice cream with a waffle cone, and I must say – they have one of the best waffle cones ever! I can just buy a pack of their cones and eat it as is as well!

My husband loves minty ice cream, so he knew he wanted their Guide’s Mint right away with the waffle cone! he loved it and said it tasted like mint!

We left feeling so satisfied and we’re so glad this is a place in our knowledge bank for ice cream — opened till late! I’m sure we’ll be back, especially during hot summer nights!

Village Ice Cream on Urbanspoon

Village Ice Cream

431 10 Ave SE
Calgary, AB
(403) 261-7950

MacKay’s Cochrane Ice Cream

I actually can’t believe I haven’t blogged about this little ice cream shop in Cochrane! It’s a place where I go once every few years as it’s a little out of the way – but I love! I recently was going through Cochrane, so we knew we would have to make a stop here at MacKay’s Cochrane Ice Cream. It’s located right in their old town on 1st Street, and it’s not really too hard to find, as there aren’t that many streets around! 🙂

This little ice cream store is always packed with customers, even in the winter – which really shows how amazing they truly are! There is a huge selection of flavours and you basically walk up to the counter and tell them what you want. They will then tally it up on a sheet, and you will use that sheet to pay with. While in line to pay, they prepare your order for you. It’s quite organized actually!

On this particular visit, I enjoyed their Chocolate Fudge Chunk in Waffle Cone which was truly a delight! A perfect treat any weekend!

Needless to say, I will be back, as it’s not my first time returning already! Sure, it’s not often, but I do make the effort when I’m out that way! Time after time, I’ve been impressed and left very satisfied. That’s how I know it’s money well spent!

MacKay's Cochrane Ice Cream on Urbanspoon

MacKay’s Cochrane Ice Cream

220 1st Street W
Cochrane, AB
(403) 932-2455

Scones with Clotted Cream

Cream scones as they call it is apparently a very English treat, and delicious when warm out of the oven. With me going to England once every 10-ish years, I am not exposed to their culture – so it was neat to be introduced to something local. I do know that Princess Diana and Prince Charles had one course at their wedding reception of strawberries and Cornish clotted cream… but clotted cream was only popular in South-West England, so they had to bring it in to London for the occasion.

Regardless of what I know and what I don’t… we got to try some scones with strawberry jam and clotted cream where the ingredients were bought from the store to compromise as we were pressed for time. The clotted cream was light, fluffy – yet dense and kind of tasteless, with a “cream” taste, and a subtle sweetness. It is quite different from a whipped butter cream, since it was much thicker.

Scones with Clotted Cream and Jam

Apparently, clotted cream is used for Cream Tea which we failed to try this trip… so, we gotta try it one day! 🙂 I know making it at home in Calgary will be so different, so I’m not even going to attempt. But, I did get to try ice cream with clotted cream, and I must say – that was the best ice cream ever!

Clotted Cream Ice Cream with Fresh Berries