Dairy Queen

The Dairy Queen at this location just opened not too long ago – maybe just a few month at this point now. I’ve been looking for the perfect time to go, and I finally did!

The store is really small actually, but it works as most people take their ice cream to go! This franchise location doesn’t do the grill – which was something I was hoping for, but they do have Orange Julius.

We were only here briefly as we just wanted a cold treat. I ordered my favourite, which is a pineapple sundae and the pineapples are always really sweet, even though I personally think the sauce (syrup) is a little to runny, it’s still a delicious treat on the soft serve ice cream!

We also ordered a Peanut Buster Parfait which was really large actually! It had lots of peanuts, and they use the lovely warm chocolate fudge. It’s a perfect snack to satisfy any craving! You can have a bit with as little or as much peanuts as you like, and the peanuts are the full sized nuts which is extra special (instead of using chopped peanuts).

I’m really happy that there is a Dairy Queen here in this area now! I was really hoping for one when we first moved here! Now, I’m satisfied!

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  • Dairy Queen - Pinapple Sundae
  • Dairy Queen - Peanut Buster Parfait

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Dairy Queen

150, 35 McKenzie Towne Ave. SE
Calgary, AB
(403) 457-4407

Divine Cravings – Canmore, Alberta

Divine Cravings is a little crepe place in downtown Canmore that offers gluten-free options as their savory crepes are made with organic gluten-free buckwheat.

The crepes that you get are really large in size, and because they are made with buckwheat, it is brown which is kind of odd at first – if you didn’t know. I ordered the Western crepe which was filled with chicken, mushrooms, mozzarella cheese and bechamel sauce! It was really savory and delicious.

We also had a skier crepe, which was a crepe stuffed with ham and bacon, sausage, lettuce, tomatoes and cheddar cheese.

I normally do take information of the food of whoever I’m with, but I recall not feeling too good, and needing something in my tummy right away, so I ate right away – without any other worries. I felt a lot better afterwards, which makes divine cravings a good choice for that day since it wasn’t greasy!

Divine Cravings

101 – 822 Main Steet
Canmore, Alberta
Canada T1W 2B7

Cows – Banff, Alberta

ICE CREAM! Who doesn’t stop at Cow’s for ice cream on a nice hot day?? Usually if it’s nice outside, the lineup for Cow’s ice cream would be out the door.

Today, it was no different. It’s always worth the wait as their ice cream is really flavourful, and smooth. I can say it’s almost perfect! I ordered their Wowie Cowie in a dish and it was amazing. They described it as Vanilla ice cream, English toffee marble, hocolate flakes, and Moo Crunch (crunch candy bar). It looks as good as it tastes!

They have a really creative menu – which can be quite challenging if you’ve got allergies… you’d have no idea what ingredients are in the ice cream! My hubby ordered their Moo Crunch, which was chocolate ice cream with peanut butter cups, and moo crunch! It was a nice blend of smooth and crunch!

We had a friend with us and his ice cream was much more normal! He had a double scoop and one coop was Chocolate which is self explanatory and the other was PEI Blueberries and both of these flavours tasted like what it’s supposed to!


134 Banff Ave.
Banff, AB
(403) 760-3493

Fentons Creamery & Restaurant – Oakland, California

Going to California, we like to go for ice cream, especially during the hot summer days. We accidentally found Fentons, and after mentioning it to family and friends… I guess we’re the last to know about this awesome place!

When we found Fentons, it was an “in between” meal, so we came in for a snack. Our snack, we shared a Half Crab Sandwich Combo which was half a crab meat sandwich which was really fresh and delicious.

You really tasted the crab, and the sandwich plus condiments didn’t take away from the fresh crab flavour.

For dessert, we shared a seasonal ice cream, which was blood orange ice cream and we topped it off with melted marshmallows and it wasn’t too sweet or anything. It was in perfect harmony — one of the best ice cream desserts we ever had! I think just to try new things, we’ll always try whatever is on their seasonal menu.. so, you know it’s in season!

Fentons Creamery & Restaurant

4226 Piedmont Ave
Oakland, CA 94611

Oolong Tea House McKenzie Towne – Calgary, Alberta

I love tea houses, as they are called. Oolong Tea House in McKenzie Towne offers a huge selection of tea, and they let you enjoy your tea without any problems. This is due to the fact the location is large, so it can accommodate a lot of thirsty guests.

We didn’t actually try tea with tea leaves during our stop at Oolong Tea House. That particular day, i wanted to try their Chai Tea Latte, and just to compare and contrast with my favorite location’s Chai Tea.

I hate to say, but I do prefer my favorite location for the Chai Tea, but I will definitely be trying their teas that uses tea leaves, as that’s what they’re known for. I guess it was silly that I didn’t do that, but I didn’t crave anything else on that day.

Oolong Tea House

26 McKenzie Towne Gate SE
Calgary, AB