Oka Sushi – Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge

We’ve been fortunately enough to experience Oka Sushi without a reservation or without much wait while staying at Jasper Park Lodge during our weekend trip up! It was still a very packed small restaurant, but it was the tail end of their service when we showed up to wait.

We were very patient and excited to try creations made by Mr Oka himself as we sat and enjoyed the show! He is quite a sushi artist and it’s been our favourite sushi experience to date!

We ordered their Assorted Sushi which was nice as there really wasn’t a standard platter. It came with their tuna rolls and 8 assorted sushi! Everything was really high quality and perfectly prepared – absolutely delicious and quite a beauty to look at!

Just as we were about done our sushi, we thought it would be fun to put in another order as we enjoyed our experience so much! We ordered their Jasper Roll which had crab meat and shrimp in the sushi! It was divine and we inhaled it!

This experience has set the bar very high for us for all future sushi experience! Although it’s a small place, it’s wonderful to see a master in action, and the food is worth the wait!

Oka Sushi Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge

1 Old Lodge Rd
Jasper, AB
(780) 852-1114

Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge – Jasper, Alberta

We are very fortunate and we’re able to splurge when we want to. When an opportunity came for us to visit Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge, we took advantage of it! Our motivation for this trip was to see all the Gingerbread houses that at Alberta’s Fairmont resort. We knew that date the gingerbread house was coming down at this location and there really was only 1 weekend – so we took it! We booked a nights stay and got to experience their Junior Lakeview Suites which was absolutely amazing! This hotel is magnificent, beauty from every angle, inside and out!

We got checked-in and they were awesome at the front desk. All the staff we dealt with are exceptionally helpful and friendly! The key was still an old style brass key which was a neat treat from your typical magnetic room key card!

Once we got into our room, we were blown away from the size of the room. It was beautiful! Once inside, off to the side was a closet and mini bar area which leads you into the bathroom.

The bathroom was about the size of the bedroom itself. It has a double sink, a soaker tub, a stand up shower and of course a toilet! It was quite amazing. The soaker tub was quite a large single person tub which I didn’t get to enjoy – but that leaves room for another nights stay another time!

The shower was all glass with a ledge inside for you to put your amenities on. It’s quite amazing to shower in an all glass shower as you feel like you’re somewhere very luxurious – and you are! It was really a nice touch!

Once you come back to the main hallway, you’ll walk by the bedroom area. It’s got pocket doors to keep the space spacious and open – and almost a pocket window so you can see right outside from the bed! The King bed was nice and amazing and there’s also a TV in the room.

The sitting area was large and spacious with a table for 4 people, with a sofa and chair – it’s a great sitting area!

There’s also a wood burning stove in our sweet, which they give you some newspapers and logs to light a fire if you choose to. There’s also a TV so you can cozy up however you like during your stay!

The patio offers amazing lakeviews and it’s remote and quite. A perfect suite for down time and to enjoy the company you’re with! Our stay was amazing and we can’t stop raving about it and looking to find rates where we can justify another awesome adventure in Jasper!

Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge

Old Lodge Road
Jasper, Alberta, Canada
Phone: 1-780-852-3301

Papa George’s Restaurant and Wine Bar – Jasper, AB

It’s actually funny how we made it here – I was actually both hungry and needed to use a bathroom, so we basically went to which ever restaurant that was opened, and I didn’t need to wait for a table. So, we walked inside of Papa Georges Restaurant and was greeted and seated immediately.

We really didn’t know what we wanted as it was the weird in-between hour of lunch and dinner, so we first started with their daily soup Cream of Mushroom Soup and it was creamy and delicious, although not very pretty.

As we searched the menu, I figured I wanted more a lunch item, so I picked their Blackened Salmon Sandwich, a filet of wild sockeye salmon rubbed with blackened spices, topped with vegetables and tarter sauce on ciabattia bun.

My husband choose to have more a dinner item and he opted for their Bison Meat Loaf which was an all bison meat loaf with some vegetables on the side. We were worried it would be dry, but it was still moist and the gravy on top was really good.

Our overall dining experience here was memorable. We really enjoy Jasper and the food choices they offer. The prices was at par with restaurants around.

Papa George's Restaurant and Wine Bar on Urbanspoon

Papa George’s Restaurant and Wine Bar

404 Connaught Dr
Jasper, AB
(780) 852-2260

Fiddle River Restaurant‎ – Jasper, AB

We made it to Jasper and had no idea where to eat. As we walked around it seemed like pizza and ice cream were the 2 options, so we randomly went into Fiddle River Restaurant as they had an upstairs patio – where we sat.

As mentioned, we sat on the patio, which was on the 2nd floor. It was beautiful as it looked over to the train station. It was neat as my husband likes trains!

We started off with our drinks and a bread basket came. It was really nice and relaxing – then with some fresh bread and butter, we were doing great!

We ordered an appetizer on this fine day, we tried their Earl Grey Smoked Candied Salmon cured Atlantic salmon with hickory potato cake. The candied salmon was wonderful as it was slightly sweet with a nice smoke to it.

I ordered the Fiddler’s Fish Pot which was a delicious bowl of mixed seafood with salmon, halibut, mahi mahi, prawns, mussels and clams, simmered in a tomato, saffron & fennel coconut broth. It was absolutely divine and the best fish pot I have had to date.

My husband ordered their Bison Lasagna which lasagna has always been something he adores! He loved this one as well! This one was no exception made with bison bolognese topped with a herbed ratatouille, it was delicious!

Overall, we loved this place. It’s actually bringing back smiles as I do this blog and discussing it with my husband. We’re probably going to be going back some day soon!

Fiddle River Restaurant‎ on Urbanspoon

Fiddle River Restaurant‎

620 Connaught Dr
Jasper, AB
(780) 852-3032