Dairy Lane Cafe – Calgary, Alberta

My favourite thing to do on weekends is to wake up early and find breakfast! I love breakfast, as normally I have the weirdest breakfast… so, I really enjoy traditional (I guess “American”) breakfast. Lately, I’ve been eating wontons for breakfast which a lot of people think it’s so strange. So, I seek out regular breakfasts when I have the time! This time I find myself wandering in the Northwest part of the city at a place called Dairy Lane Cafe which is a small but popular cafe!

We got seated about 20 minutes after arrival, and that was pretty much as fast as it can get for this location! Once we got seated, I needed a Hot Chocolate… as nice as the outside looked it was still quite breezy! Now that I’ve warmed up some, it will take me another 20 minutes to figure out what I want to eat!

This particular day, I figured I’d try some Stuffed French Toast which is an unusual item for me to pick from if you know me at all! I even picked it with the sweet toppings of cinnamon cream cheese and field berry compote! I thought it was very odd as well, but I’m glad I did! Even the table beside me had to ask what it was that I ordered! 🙂 It wasn’t overly sweet probably balanced out with the thickness of the bread. It wasn’t all bread either, it as stuffed with the compote, and I drizzle it with syrup! I loved it and I recommend it!

My other half has always loved savoury food, so he ordered himself a Double Triple which from the name is obvious, right? Well, if not, it’s a breakfast consisting of 3 eggs, pork sausage, chicken sausage and bacon! The sausages were really nice, I enjoyed the textures and flavours of it, and of course bacon, there’s nothing better than bacon in this world! I didn’t try his toast, eggs or hashbrowns, but the meat on the plate was wonderful!

Overall, it was a nice sit down place for breakfast! I nice way to kill some time when you’re planning a lazy day! As busy as they are, you don’t feel rushed to get out, but yet your own conscience will tell you to take your conversation elsewhere! The prices are decent, I consider it high, but it’ll always be higher than breakfast at Chinese places. The bill here was just over $35… not good, not bad! But, I left happy and really full, and even got to show off my french toast – so it was wonderful!

Dairy Lane Cafe on Urbanspoon

Dairy Lane Cafe

319 19 St NW
Calgary, AB
(403) 283-2497

John’s Breakfast & Lunch – Calgary, Alberta

Breakfast is my favourite meal of the day… well, that’s a lie! ALL meals are my favourite, but I do enjoy a great breakfast with my husband. We found this place called John’s Breakfast Lunch and we just assumed they do breakfast and lunch only from their name! We were right! It looks like a popular place, and when we got there, the lineup outside the door proves to me it was popular! Too bad we just went during the rush peak time, but it’s all good!

I sat down and ordered myself a hot tea. I love tea and I loved their tea pots! I saw another table with these tea pots while I was waiting in line – so I thought I had to get one myself!

For breakfast, I ordered their Loaded Omelette which had ham, bacon, cheese, mushrooms, onions, peppers and tomatoes in it! The bacon was really delicious as it was really crispy and had lots of flavour. It was a great omelette and it looked beautiful as well! My picture doesn’t do it justice, but it’s an omelette! 🙂

My husband ordered their special Two Eggs! He probably did it as it was on sale — same price as it was on the menu! LOL! But, it had 2 eggs, sausage and hashbrowns and toast. Sounds simple and it was. At least they didn’t goof it up, so we were very happy!

The meals come out a little slow, but it looks like a family owned and ran restaurant – which they’re doing an amazing job! The food was quite good, no better or worse, but it was a fun environment. We had fun and we left happy and satisfied. What more do you need/want!?

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John’s Breakfast & Lunch

A-2614 4 Street NW
Calgary, AB
(403) 277-0255

Lemongrass – Aria (CityCenter), Las Vegas

CityCenter is my favourite area of the Las Vegas strip! I love both Aria and Vdara so much, I’ve even purchased their scented sticks to bring home so my house could smell like the resort! It’s wonderful! When I heard that I am going to eat Thia food for lunch at Lemongrass inside the casino level of Aria, I jumped with joy! I had a feeling it will be a great place and that nothing would disappoint me! I was right!

We started off with their Tom Kha Chicken which is their Chicken soup with coconut milk, lemon grass and galangal. It’s kind of like a Chicken Tom Yum with coconut milk to tame the spiciness. It was a delicious, full of flavour, smooth and spicyy soup! It was a winner for sure!

We actually had 2 main courses this time as we wanted to try their food! We ordered from their curry section the Red Curry Duck which is still to this day my favourite curry dish! It was an elegant mixture of roasted duck with red curry, pineapple and basil. We enjoyed this dish thoroughly over jasmine rice. The curry had the sweet, the heat and the tanginess and I loved it!

The last thing we ordered was their Pad See Ew Moo which is a wok fried flat rice noodle with pork and seasoned with soy sauce with some kale in it. It was definitely a delightful dish full of flavour!

Overall, I absolutely love this place and all the food! We were so stuffed that we didn’t make room for dessert, which was alright as we got to eat other sweet things later on in the day! The service was top notched and the restaurant itself was really amazing! I hope to be back soon!

Lemongrass on Urbanspoon

Lemongrass – Aria (CityCenter)

3730 Las Vegas Blvd S
Las Vegas, NV
(877) 230-2742

Bumpy’s Cafe – Calgary

I’m not sure why or even how I even ended up at Bumpy’s Cafe but it’s like it’s hidden gem! Parking wasn’t too bad as we arrived early on a Sunday morning so there was street parking! It’s not too hard to find as there are 2 entrances to the cafe.

Once we got inside, it’s a cute little place with lots of people coming and going – and a lot less customers sitting down and enjoying their morning. We sat down as it was going to be a slow paced Sunday for me.

I ordered to start, a cup of Hot Chocolate and it comes in a large cup – which I loved! It’s really creamy but it doesn’t feel thick and heavy. Plus, it’s not overly sweet, so it was just right for me!

We also figured they’d do latte art, so we also ordered a latte, and we were right – there was beautiful latte art!!

When I use to work at the hotel, one of my favourite breakfasts was their Grilled Cheese Sandwich with Bacon so, that’s what I decided to order from here.

We also ordered their Ham and Cheese Quiche which was in a pretty big slice, melty and ooey gooey making the cheese and egg really delicious!

Overall, the drinks were really delicious and the food wasn’t bad either. It’s simple foods and a tad greasy – but it tasted really good! I eat anywhere that offers good food and this place is no exception! If I was in the area again for breakfast, I’m sure I will be back!

Bumpy’s Cafe

1004 8 St SW
Calgary, AB
(403) 265-0244

Blue Vinny Diner – Stephen Avenue Calgary

Nothing beats a breakfast on the weekend, diner style! We found ourselves at Blue Vinny Diner one weekend morning, and we walked in and thought the place must be new, as the waitress was running around like mad, they ran out of tons of things on the menu, and it almost appeared they didn’t know the menus yet. I guess they’ve been opened for a bit, but it just didn’t feel like it! This restaurant is located right on Stephens Avenue, so foot traffic is at an ideal place.

Once we got seated and what not, we ordered some tea, and we were ready to order. I ordered their Perogy Bowl which was exactly as it sounded, a bowl of perogies with bacon and sour cream. They had quite a few pieces in the bowl and the toppings didn’t overwhelm the perogies either. I enjoyed my perogies and I ate the entire thing! The bacon was nice and smoked and it was perfect, tasty and crunchy!

The other item we ordered from the menu was the Vinny’s Breakfast which was 6oz of Rib Eye steak, 2 sunny side eggs with hashbrown and toast! This was a big and filling breakfast, and best of all, it was super tasty!

We really enjoyed the modern diner experience here! The people were friendly and the food was tasty! So, there’s no complaints from me here!

Blue Vinny Diner on Urbanspoon

Blue Vinny Diner

105 – 8th Avenue SW
Calgary, AB
(403) 263-3880