Dairy Lane Cafe – Calgary, Alberta

My favourite thing to do on weekends is to wake up early and find breakfast! I love breakfast, as normally I have the weirdest breakfast… so, I really enjoy traditional (I guess “American”) breakfast. Lately, I’ve been eating wontons for breakfast which a lot of people think it’s so strange. So, I seek out regular breakfasts when I have the time! This time I find myself wandering in the Northwest part of the city at a place called Dairy Lane Cafe which is a small but popular cafe!

We got seated about 20 minutes after arrival, and that was pretty much as fast as it can get for this location! Once we got seated, I needed a Hot Chocolate… as nice as the outside looked it was still quite breezy! Now that I’ve warmed up some, it will take me another 20 minutes to figure out what I want to eat!

This particular day, I figured I’d try some Stuffed French Toast which is an unusual item for me to pick from if you know me at all! I even picked it with the sweet toppings of cinnamon cream cheese and field berry compote! I thought it was very odd as well, but I’m glad I did! Even the table beside me had to ask what it was that I ordered! 🙂 It wasn’t overly sweet probably balanced out with the thickness of the bread. It wasn’t all bread either, it as stuffed with the compote, and I drizzle it with syrup! I loved it and I recommend it!

My other half has always loved savoury food, so he ordered himself a Double Triple which from the name is obvious, right? Well, if not, it’s a breakfast consisting of 3 eggs, pork sausage, chicken sausage and bacon! The sausages were really nice, I enjoyed the textures and flavours of it, and of course bacon, there’s nothing better than bacon in this world! I didn’t try his toast, eggs or hashbrowns, but the meat on the plate was wonderful!

Overall, it was a nice sit down place for breakfast! I nice way to kill some time when you’re planning a lazy day! As busy as they are, you don’t feel rushed to get out, but yet your own conscience will tell you to take your conversation elsewhere! The prices are decent, I consider it high, but it’ll always be higher than breakfast at Chinese places. The bill here was just over $35… not good, not bad! But, I left happy and really full, and even got to show off my french toast – so it was wonderful!

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Dairy Lane Cafe

319 19 St NW
Calgary, AB
(403) 283-2497