Via Cibo South Trail – Calgary, Alberta

We were looking for a quick dinner this one evening, and we remembered having Via Cibo at Deerfoot Meadows being really delicious, so we decided to head into the location on 130th Avenue SE just off Deerfoot Trail. There’s ample parking but I assume when everything is opened, the parking situation will be trickier as there’s lots of development here right now.

The way the layout is for this fast food chain is standard, but they give you a number and you pick a table and the staff will bring you your order. It’s quite organized, and although it was really new when we came here, it was speedy enough. We do love the open kitchen concept, and their system was quite amazing. The service was great both for dine in and take out.

We started with their Margherita Pizza as I wanted something simple and delicious. They definitely delivered and everything was fresh and tasty. The crust was beautifully cooked with a nice crisp and it wasn’t soggy at all.

What is more Italian than pasta, so we had an order of their Alfredo Pasta with Sausage. At first, the portions seemed really small, but as you eat it, you do fill up quickly so it worked out at the end.

We definitely enjoyed our experience here. It was a quick night out dinner and we couldn’t have asked for anything else! I’m sure we’ll be back as we’re just steps away and I can always use a bowl of pasta! The food was definiately made to order which is something we appreciate a lot, and believe it’s well worth the time and effort.

Via Cibo South Trail

515-4700 130th Ave SE
Calgary, AB T2Z 4E7

San Remo Ristorante – Mckenzie Towne

It was a late evening, and I haven’t eaten dinner, so my husband took me to San Remo, and it was really nice they didn’t kick us out as it was getting close to their closing time. We went in and was seated in a booth which was really comfortable. the restaurant and lounge still had a few tables, so I didn’t feel as bad that I was there.

Not long after we were seated, we ordered and a delicious bread basket came to the table. The bread was really nice, and the flavoured butter was a nice touch!

We started the late dinner with their Antipasto Platter which not only looked fantastic, it tasted pretty good too! This platter had assorted cheese and sliced prosciutto & salami. There were also some oven roasted pepepers, marinated olives and button mushrooms & artichokes. It was a fun platter to eat and great for sharing!

For the actual dinner, I ordered their Hawaiian Pizza which was made in the stone oven. This was the best pizza was probably one of the best pizzas I’ve had in a very long time! This pizza is made of Double smoked applewood bacon, fresh pineapple! The best part of this pizza was that it was finished with maple syrup which is excellent as it’s sweet and salty balance of flavour, it’s what makes it my favourite pizza so far!

We also ordered a bowl of Spaghetti Bolognese with tons of noodles and just enough yummy sauce. There were a few large meatballs, jammed pack with flavour. The portions are quite large, and it’s quite delicious! We were able to take some home too!

Overall, I really enjoyed the experience and atmosphere from this restaurant. The food was really delicious and I just had such a great time that I know I will be back!

San Remo Ristorante on Urbanspoon

San Remo Ristorante

26 McKenzie Towne Gate SE #500
Calgary, AB
(403) 251-0998

Brewsters Brewing Company & Restaurant – McKenzie Towne

Warm weather spell hits Calgary a few days a year – and when it does, I crave a patio setting. This time, I found myself on the roof top patio of Brewsters Brewing Company and Restaurant in McKenzie Towne. It’s located just off High Street, on the North side. The restaurant is large, but parking is quite limited, unless you’re willing to walk. On nice days, walk!

I ordered a Virgin Chi Chi as I was already feeling dehydrated from being outside all day soaking up the sun rays! It’s really just a blend of juices, but it’s delicious! I actually think it’s more a virgin Mai Tai, but what do I know! 😉

We went during their “Appy Hour” and so we enjoyed some snacks too! We ordered their super delicious Spicy Honey Garlic Prawns which was as the name suggests sweet and spicy. The prawns were quite large and fresh – so the texture was really nice. Tons of sauce and flavour, but not so much where it overwhelms the prawns!

Then, the last thing we ordered was the 1/2 Nachos which really is the perfect size for 2 people! I can see the regular order being great for larger crowds – but this was excellent in all aspects (not just the portion size). The cheese was all melted, ooey and gooey with tons of topping of tex mex cheese, tomatoes, black olives, banana peppers, jalapenos, green onions and creme fraiche all on top of thin and crispy white corn tortillas – served with salsa and sour cream!

Overall, this has been one of my favourite roof top experiences in the city and I can’t wait for my next opportunity to return! Appy hour was a complete success in my books and I should return for a regular meal too!

Brewsters Brewing Company & Restaurant - McKenzie Town on Urbanspoon

Brewsters Brewing Company & Restaurant

11 McKenzie Towne Ave SE
Calgary, AB
(403) 243-2739

Chicken on the Way – McKenzie Towne Calgary

I was bummed out when Blockbusters closed on High Street in McKenzie Towne, but to my excitement, Chicken on the Way opened a new location there! They’re a little shop that takes take-out only, and often, the line is out the door (rain or shine)!

The first time I ate there, I purchased their daily special – and on that day, it was 3 piece chicken, fries and a fritter with gravy! The wait time wasn’t bad at all, and it comes in their famous yellow box that smells so good just holding the hot contents.

The chicken was perfectly fried and perfectly seasoned! Their pieces of chicken are actually larger than some other places that serves fried chicken. These large pieces of chicken has super crispy skin and really juicy chicken meat! It’s a perfect fried chicken in my opinion. The fries and fritter during my first visit was over fried and over salted, but all other times I’ve revisited the location, they’ve fixed that problem and made it better!

I really enjoyed their fritters – even though it was a little over fried, the sweet batter was excellent. With a super crispy exterior and a soft interior, the fritter is something I will always get when I visit Chicken on the Way.

When I don’t make a big enough for dinner or just want an awesome snack, Chicken on the Way is where I like to go now! It’s close to home and the prices aren’t completely ridiculous, making this a great option! I would recommend trying it out if you haven’t done so yet!

Chicken on the Way on Urbanspoon

Chicken on the Way

27 McKenzie Towne Avenue SE
Calgary, AB T2Z3S7
(403) 720-2367

The Little Cupcake Shoppe – Christmas Cupcakes

I really enjoy seasonal anything! All offerings including Christmas Cupcakes and this time, I got cupcakes from The Little Cupcake Shoppe in McKenzie Towne in Southeast Calgary. I tried only had 3 of them and they’re so good!

The Little Cupcake Shoppe - Christmas Cupcakes

My favourite would be the Spiced Rum Eggnog Cupcake. This cupcake has a denser cupcake base but it is infused with so much spice rum and eggnog flavour, it is good. It is an eggnog cupcake base with a spiced rum and eggnog buttercream. This cupcake does contain alcohol and you do taste it. It really puts you into the festive season!

The Little Cupcake Shoppe - Spiced Rum Eggnog Cupcake

They have a candy Cane Chocolate Cupcake which I find it to be very similar with their Chocolate Chip Mint Cupcake except for the decorations on the top. It’s a rich chocolate cupcake mix and a delicious mint butter cream icing! It’s the cupcake that you know it’s a holiday cupcake!

The Little Cupcake Shoppe - Peppermint Candy Cane Cupcake

The last cupcake is a Gingerbread Cupcake which is made with a gingerbread cupcake batter and gingerbread buttercream icing. At first, you’d think it will taste like nothing but gingerbread, but it’s not the case. It’s really delicious and not over powering at all.

Little Cupcake Shoppe - Gingerbread Cupcake

There’s a lot of great treats from The Little Cupcake Shoppe so it’s worth trying it out for yourself too!