San Remo Ristorante – Mckenzie Towne

It was a late evening, and I haven’t eaten dinner, so my husband took me to San Remo, and it was really nice they didn’t kick us out as it was getting close to their closing time. We went in and was seated in a booth which was really comfortable. the restaurant and lounge still had a few tables, so I didn’t feel as bad that I was there.

Not long after we were seated, we ordered and a delicious bread basket came to the table. The bread was really nice, and the flavoured butter was a nice touch!

We started the late dinner with their Antipasto Platter which not only looked fantastic, it tasted pretty good too! This platter had assorted cheese and sliced prosciutto & salami. There were also some oven roasted pepepers, marinated olives and button mushrooms & artichokes. It was a fun platter to eat and great for sharing!

For the actual dinner, I ordered their Hawaiian Pizza which was made in the stone oven. This was the best pizza was probably one of the best pizzas I’ve had in a very long time! This pizza is made of Double smoked applewood bacon, fresh pineapple! The best part of this pizza was that it was finished with maple syrup which is excellent as it’s sweet and salty balance of flavour, it’s what makes it my favourite pizza so far!

We also ordered a bowl of Spaghetti Bolognese with tons of noodles and just enough yummy sauce. There were a few large meatballs, jammed pack with flavour. The portions are quite large, and it’s quite delicious! We were able to take some home too!

Overall, I really enjoyed the experience and atmosphere from this restaurant. The food was really delicious and I just had such a great time that I know I will be back!

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San Remo Ristorante

26 McKenzie Towne Gate SE #500
Calgary, AB
(403) 251-0998