Tres Carnales Taqueria – Edmonton, Alberta

We were thinking about a quick and simple dinner when we stumbled into Tres Carnales Taqueria which we’ve heard of by Food Network’s “You Gotta Eat Here”, and like always, John Catucci’s recommendations haven’t failed us yet! We love this place!

We started our meal with their Sopa de Tortilla which is a soup I enjoy making myself! It’s really fresh and awesome here and their chips are deep fried which makes them extra crispy and extra delicious! We enjoyed it thoroughly as they hit it with some lime juice, guacamole and sour cream!

We then ordered some food to share where we picked their Quesadilla Carne con Chile which was magnificent! Once you bite into the quesadilla, the delicious beef that was tender with the melty cheese – this was our favourite for the evening!

We also ordered an order of their Tacos de Pollo which was little tacos with chicken in it! It was really tasty and their tortillas were really tasty and something different!

Overall, we were really glad we decided we wanted to stop in here for our dinner! It’s lighter than what we could have had and it was so tasty! It was a bit on the costlier side, but the quality, freshness and passion really made up for it!

Tres Carnales Taqueria on Urbanspoon

Tres Carnales Taqueria

10119 100A Street
Edmonton, AB
(780) 429-0911

Tacos La Mexicana – Edmonton, Alberta

We originally wanted to eat something else along Whyte Ave, and it was full – so we wandered around for a little while when we walked into Tacos La Mexicana. On the wall, there’s a board of all the “compliments” they get. So, it was quite promising. The restaurant is very little and it doesn’t have AC. It was quite stuffy for a hot summer day.

We were quite excited to be here as last time we randomly walked into a taco place it was very delightful. We ordered a burrito each and I got the mixed fajita burrito where they didn’t actually ask which kind of protein I wanted, so they gave beef. The burrito was warm in the inside and the beef was quite tough making it a little tough to eat. The burrito was stuffed with some onions, peppers, rice and of course beef.

My husband ordered their Chili Cheese Burrito with beef and it was decent. It was really hot and heated through – as it should be so the cheese was melted. The ground beef was really ground up it was almost like a paste. It wasn’t too bad at all, but it was loaded with onions and cabbage which seemed a little weird.

Overall, it’s probably a good place to go if you’re just not wanting to wait in line anywhere else. Otherwise, the burritos were average.

Tacos La Mexicana on Urbanspoon

Tacos La Mexicana

8123 104 St
Edmonton, AB
(780) 988-9210

Cantina Grill at Denver International Airport

So, not all layovers at an airport is bad! We had a stop over at Denver International Airport (DIA) for awhile, and we needed to eat lunch. We went to the second level of concourse B where we found Cantina Grill for Mexican cuisine.

We had to be a little quick, so I ordered the Chicken quesadilla and it was really good. There’s never too much to say about a quesadilla, but this one was gooey with cheese and filled with cheese and chicken goodness! It was very satisfying for a food court!

We also ordered a Chicken Qdoba. (Gumbo) and it was also very impressive. It came in a bowl with beans, rice and stew on the bottom, and topped with cheese & salsa! We mixed it together for a delicious bowl of goodness as every spoonful was full of flavour!

The best part of Cantina Grill is the fact it’s on the second floor where there seems to be less passengers – so the line ups for food isn’t nearly as long! If I’m in Denver airport again, I wouldn’t have a problem sitting down at Cantina Grill for another meal!

Cantina Grill in Concourse B

Airport: Denver
Concourse B 8500 Pena Blvd
Denver, CO 80249
(303) 342-6860