Salt & Pepper Mexican Restaurante – Calgary, Alberta

We were wandering around Inglewood one sunny afternoon, actually for the Inglewood Sunfest and we were a little sad that there wasn’t too many street vendors or anything like that. So, we ended up popping into Salt & Pepper for lunch instead.

The place had a nice line-up, as it should since it was a sunny weekend afternoon after all! The line moved really quickly despite the speed of service. So, we got seated in no time! To be honest, I’m not a huge fan of Mexican cuisine as I’m not a huge “bean” eater. I’m not sure why, but I don’t really like them… so, I normally just eat “what I ordered” and throw out the rest! 🙂 As I did on this day as well.

The service was a little odd, as I would have to say our waitress was really slow. It’s always funny to me how tables that come in and sit after me gets served their water first, and their order taken first. Oh well, it’s all good, since we were in no hurry at all.

I ordered Las Enchiladas which I chose chicken enchiladas with a tomato & basil sauce. It was really good actually! 🙂 I know, I’m suppose to get it with the mole sauce, but I really won’t eat it, and that’s much more of a waste! The enchiladas from Salt & Pepper was really fresh, and the meat was really tender and juicy. I was able to eat all 3 of the enchiladas with just my fork.

We also tried the Chuletas de Cerdo Adobadas which was Grilled pork chops with our own spicy adobo. The actual pork chop was really thin piece, and was a little over cooked. It was quite tough – instead of juicy and tender, but the flavours were there, and so we gobbled it up anyway!

Overall, I did enjoy the atmosphere, as there was live music which was a special treat! The sun was out with a little breeze, so the patio was a great choice! The food, I will have to say was mediocre, but I must remember it was a really busy day – so perhaps they had difficulties keeping up? With entrees between $10-$15, I would’ve expected more, but that of course is just my opinion. And, who knows, maybe it’s just me, as I’m not the bean eater…

Salt & Pepper Mexican Restaurante

1413 – 9 Avenue SE
Calgary, AB
(403) 265-5739

2 Replies to “Salt & Pepper Mexican Restaurante – Calgary, Alberta”

  1. The Salt & Pepper in Cochrane was one of my fav restaurants for the longest time – its set inside someone’s home… and they had amazing homemade guacamole (with shredded lettuce, oddly working well), great seafood and a totally yummy but impossible to pronounce (esp after a few happy drinks) elephant ear like dessert with icecream and cinnamon 🙂

    Is the one in Calgary a franchise chain, or a branch off from the original owners? (Cochrane is pretty close to Calgary).. if its the latter, I’m totally going to try it out the next time I head down to Calgary!!

  2. Yes, the 2 locations in Calgary – Bowness and Inglewood are indeed the same owners as the Salt & Pepper that was in Cochrane. The menu is the same, the food is still just as awesome, and if you go to the Bowness location you will likely see some of the old staff from Cochrane. Worth the drive for sure!

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