Cacao 70 – Canmore, Alberta

I been trying to get to Cacao 70 for almost a year and I finally got an opportunity to go, and realized all the locations in Calgary are now closed. So we decided to just top off the gas and drive out to Canmore for lunch. Cacao 70 is located in a newer area of Canmore, and it’s a great location and I see a lot of potential here! I’m very excited for them as the place is comfortable with parking!

I ordered their Cacao 70 Signature Mocha and it was just delightful! It warmed me up immediately from the inside as it was nice and hot. I got my mocha with creamy milk chocolate and it was absolutely perfect!

We had to get a hot chocolate as you can’t be here without a chocolate drink, so we got a Spicy Hot Chocolate Torch which was a rich and decadent hot chocolate with torched marshmallows! There was a nice little kick in the hot chocolate as well!

I knew I wanted something sweet to eat and although I was thinking about waffles, I eneded up with their Strawberry & Cheesecake Crepe and the crepe was thin and beautiful, which wrapped a delicious cheesecake filling. There was an amazing berry sauce that topped the crepe and of course you can add a scoop of ice cream and smoother the crepe with chocolate sauce. What a delicious brunch!

For the waffles that everyone said was amazing, we got Choco-nut Waffles and this was a portion of perfectly cooked waffles with hazelnut and light & fluffy whipped cream. This was served with strawberries and banana which was super fun to just dip in the chocolate sauce!

We loved this place, the staff was so friendly and the food was amazing and perfect. We had a fantastic experience here and I have nothing negative to say at all.

Cacao 70 – Canmore, Alberta

302 Old Canmore Rd Unit 109,
Canmore, AB

Analog Coffee (17th Ave SW) – Calgary, Alberta

We were looking for a nice place to sit down and do a bit of blogging. I enjoy going to Analog and it is a place that makes me happy, any of their locations. This day we went to their 17th Avenue location.

I love ordering Mocha as it’s coffee and chocolate mix. It’s always a delicious choice. The nice thing about Analog is that they always do their latte art, no matter what! I always appreciate a simple thing like that and I never mind waiting a few extra minutes for a pretty drink.

I ordered an Apple Cinnamon Scone and to be honest, it was rather dry. It tasted good, but it just wasn’t what I would expect from here.

We also ordered their Ham and Cheese Croissant as it was a bit of a lunch during this visit. This was really delicious as they heated it back up, and the croissant was light and flaky!

My other half ordered a Latte which was a smooth and creamy latte and he enjoyed it thoroughly. I enjoyed it as well, especially next to my scone!

Overall, this place is a great place to go. This isn’t our first time here and it won’t be our last. We enjoy Fratello’s coffee! There’s not always a table for you as a lot of people do sit down. We didn’t stay too long but there was a quiet period around 3PM so we stayed until the next pocket of busyness. Parking was alright for us as well since we lucked out with the timing.

Analog Coffee

740 17th Ave SW,
Calgary, AB
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Zenari’s – Edmonton, Alberta

I was in downtown Edmonton one morning and thought I needed some sugar for breakfast. I walked by Zenari’s a few times before I just wandered inside to order some food! This little place is located right across from Holt Renfrew on the main level. It’s pretty easy to find!

I decided I was going to eat cake for breakfast, so I got myself a piece of their Carrot Cake which came in a large slice. It wasn’t cheap, but it was a decent size! The cake was pretty delicious with the perfect amount of cream cheese icing!

Then, to complete my meal, I got myself a Mocha which seems to be the perfect coffee break meal that I turned into a breakfast! The mocha was good, although not different from anywhere else – so it was just costly!

Overall, a neat dining experience! It was quick and simple and I can see lunch rush being extraordinary! The prices are slightly high for a coffee place treat but quite reasonable if you were stopping in for lunch and have pasta, sandwiches, etc!

Zenari's on Urbanspoon


10180 101 St NW
Edmonton, AB
(780) 423-5409

Joshua Tree Cafe – Calgary, Alberta

I’ve been wanting a good cup of Rolo Coffee for awhile now, and I finally got a good cup at Joshua Tree Cafe! This was not the original place that introduced it to me, but it was one of the top places in my mind for a Rolo Coffee. It is a specialty coffee, and it’s quite different from some other locations coffee.

We also enjoyed a Chocolate Iced Mocha which was quite standard. It was quite good, and creamy, but it’s nothing extra spectacular! It was refreshing and tasty for sure though!

This was an interesting location we made it to. Coffee stops never take too long, especially when we don’t order food. The worker at Joshua Tree mentioned to us about 45 minutes prior to closing that they will be closing soon, and it appeared that she didn’t want to take our order. We told her that it’s fine, and would still like our order. We did leave prior to their closing, and it wasn’t that we were rushed either – it was because our coffee stop was finished.

They made it really noticeable that they were about to close, at 3pm over the weekend. They started sweeping the floors and what not. It’s not a large location, and I’m sure it’s not too bad if in fact they had to leave 10 minutes late.

Regardless, the rolo coffee was something so special, I will return for it! 🙂

Joshua Tree Cafe

805 Edmonton Trial NE
Calgary, AB
(403) 230-9228

Evelyn’s Again Coffee Bar – Banff, Alberta

I was looking for a nice place to sit down and relax with a nice cup of coffee, away from the usual chains, and found myself sitting outside on the patio of Evelyn’s Again Coffee Bar right on Banff Avenue. It’s a nice little coffee shop which offers really good lattes and mocha’s at a reasonable rate.

We sat there and watched the hussle of Banff start to fill up during the afternoon hours on a busy weekend. It was fun to watch the world go by and see all the tourists who are so excited to be there! It truly is an exciting place!

We ordered a latte and a mocha and both were extremely delicious, and topped with foam art which I appreciate so much!

So next time you’re in Banff, slow down and have a seat outside of Evelyn’s Again Coffee Bar and enjoy yourself for a little while! It’s a wonderful place with a wonderful view!

Evelyn’s Again Coffee Bar

119 Banff Avenue
Banff, AB
(403) 760-2907