Evelyn’s Again Coffee Bar – Banff, Alberta

I was looking for a nice place to sit down and relax with a nice cup of coffee, away from the usual chains, and found myself sitting outside on the patio of Evelyn’s Again Coffee Bar right on Banff Avenue. It’s a nice little coffee shop which offers really good lattes and mocha’s at a reasonable rate.

We sat there and watched the hussle of Banff start to fill up during the afternoon hours on a busy weekend. It was fun to watch the world go by and see all the tourists who are so excited to be there! It truly is an exciting place!

We ordered a latte and a mocha and both were extremely delicious, and topped with foam art which I appreciate so much!

So next time you’re in Banff, slow down and have a seat outside of Evelyn’s Again Coffee Bar and enjoy yourself for a little while! It’s a wonderful place with a wonderful view!

Evelyn’s Again Coffee Bar

119 Banff Avenue
Banff, AB
(403) 760-2907