Thai Wok’s N’go Restaurant – Glendon, Alberta

We went to visit Andrew Alberta for the first annual Babas and Borshch and we knew that there’s the largest perogy statue not too far away in Glendon, Alberta. We got to the giant perogy and across the street was a little cafe. It must have just changed hands or something as the outside says “Pyrogy Park, but everything inside says Thai Wok’s N’Go Restaurant! It’s kind of got an Asian and Ukranian fusion with traditional dishes from each.

Because we were here for perogies, we had to order them! We started off with their Chinese Perogies which is kind of like the Chinese Egg Rolls with cabbage inside, then deep fried to perfection. Just like the Chinese egg rolls, there’s plum sauce to dip.

Then, we thought it would be fun to order their Mini Pyrogy dish which had mini perogies pan fried with onions and topped with bacon bits! It was as good as it sounds!

Then, we ordered their Pyrogy Dinner which offered their standard sized perogies with a cabbage roll, a Ukrainian Sauasge and coleslaw.

The food here was surprisingly delicious and I love perogies – and their perogies didn’t fail me at all! I love this remote location and hope to be back one day – perhaps next year if I’m up for the 2nd Annual Babas and Borshch!

Thai Wok’s N’Go Restaurant

33 Pyrogy Dr N
Glendon, AB
(780) 635-3040

Pops Pub South – Lethbridge, Alberta

We were in Lethbridge for the first time, just to watch the Air Show and we loved it. After the show, we weren’t too hungry but knew we had to eat dinner as it was a long journey home. We had a recommendation from an acquaintance to try Pops Pub and we just happened to be closest to the South location, so we made it for pizza! This location is conveniently located within some residential area with the hospital about a block away.

Once we got inside, we knew we had to try a pizza as it’s known for their pizzas. We tried their All Meat Pizza which wasn’t too greasy at all! The toppings for this pizza included ham, pepperoni, sausage and Mozzarella cheese! A perfect combo for any meat-lover!

It also happened to be their Perogy Night and with me loving perogies, I ordered a bunch! We actually ordered 2 different types, but they mixed it together – which was fine and an adventure trying to figure out which one we got! The 2 types of perogies offered are potato cheddar and bacon & Romano, and we topped our selection with sour cream and bacon bits. We also had a little bit of lemon pepper on the side which actually added tons of flavour to the perogies – provided you didn’t put tons of it on. Just a little sprinkle is plenty!

Overall, we loved this place! The food and service was great at a great price too! I’m sure we will be back next time we’re in the area – for whatever reason!

Pops Pub South on Urbanspoon

Pops Pub South

1516 9th ave south
Lethbridge, AB
(403) 327-0068

Cheemo Perogies – Potato, Bacon and Romano Cheese

Breakfast time is a tough time for me to find something quick, hot and delicious! I like having a hot breakfast no matter how early in the day, and with a work shift starting at 6am, I still need to eat something hot and yummy!! I’ve found a solution that doesn’t take too long to make and tastes great too! It’s Cheemo Perogies which is a brand of perogies that I’ve loved since the beginning of my perogy eating days. I have fallen in love with Potato, Bacon and Romano Cheese perogies and when you bit into these little packages of goodness, you totally taste the bacon!

Nothing beats homemade or hand pinched perogies, but I don’t have time to make them. Cheemo perogies have the been the only brand that I can trust to make them for me that I can find comparable to homemade ones. The skin isn’t nearly as thick or tough as many other brands. After you cook the perogies, you can eat it as is, you can pan fry them, you can add toppings to it, you can do anything to them, and they’re awesome!