Cheemo Perogies – Potato, Bacon and Romano Cheese

Breakfast time is a tough time for me to find something quick, hot and delicious! I like having a hot breakfast no matter how early in the day, and with a work shift starting at 6am, I still need to eat something hot and yummy!! I’ve found a solution that doesn’t take too long to make and tastes great too! It’s Cheemo Perogies which is a brand of perogies that I’ve loved since the beginning of my perogy eating days. I have fallen in love with Potato, Bacon and Romano Cheese perogies and when you bit into these little packages of goodness, you totally taste the bacon!

Nothing beats homemade or hand pinched perogies, but I don’t have time to make them. Cheemo perogies have the been the only brand that I can trust to make them for me that I can find comparable to homemade ones. The skin isn’t nearly as thick or tough as many other brands. After you cook the perogies, you can eat it as is, you can pan fry them, you can add toppings to it, you can do anything to them, and they’re awesome!