Homemade Black Pepper Sauce with Pork Chop

I didn’t know what to make for a meal this one day, and my other half really likes black pepper sauce – on everything! So, I had some pork chop, and decided to make Pork Chop with Black Pepper Sauce

3 slices of thin pork chop
1 cup chopped mushrooms
1/2 chopped onions
1 tsp pepper
1/4 tsp white pepper
1 tbsp oyster sauce
1/2 tsp dark soy sauce

First, start by marinating the pork with salt and pepper. Then wash the mushrooms, and chop up all the vegetables.

Pan sear the pork chop in a pan until you got good searing colour on the pork. If it’s thick, finish the pork off in the oven. I like to use thin pork chop to avoid this step – so the meat can be resting while we make the sauce!

In the same pan, saute the mushrooms, onions and garlic until tender. Then, add some water to deglaze the pan, and it will become the gravy sauce that you pour ontop of the pork chop and the rice.

While the vegetables are cooking, prepare the sauce by combining the cornstarch with soy sauce, oyster sauce, and pepper. Mix it with some cold water to dissolve before pouring it into the pan.

You can serve this on a plate of rice and some vegetables. You can substitute the meat for any other protein – and it works with just vegetable stir fry as well! Of course, you can add less water to the pan if you like the sauce thicker. There’s never any set recipes in Chinese cooking! Always taste it, and when you think it tastes good – it’s good!

ABC Bakery & Cafe

I’ve been getting up really early in the mornings and heading to the airport to take pictures of airplanes as they take off. I like the early morning take off pictures as they’re quite different. However, afterwards I’m starving… so instead of popping into a chain restaurant, I went back to an old favourite, ABC Bakery & Cafe. I must say, the last time I was there was probably 4 years ago… and before that, I was there weekly!! Usually for dinner though, I’d go straight there after work. I guess I’ve left a job that allows me to pass by for about 4 years now! 🙂

Anyway, we got to ABC for breakfast around 8AM and I was happy I wasn’t the only table trying to find breakfast! There were a lot of their regular customers there – which is great!! The nice thing about these cafes is of course their price! It’s so easy, cheap and convenient to pop in through the day and order food! But, breakfast is always the best. I miss places like this. Calgary just doesn’t have a lot of them, and it’s a bummer.

We sat down and ordered our breakfast specials, and so we ordered Crispy Bun with Condensed Milk with Hong Kong Style Milk Tea. I like to drink either milk tea, or lemon tea with honey, but I wanted milk tea this time! 🙂 SOO GOOD! They always make it really good!! The crispy bun was toasted nicely, and the sesame seeds on the top of the bun add a really nice taste with the condensed milk. When I make it at home, I like to make a mess and put probably twice as much condensed milk in… it’s normally dripping! But, this was really good I didn’t make it or I’d get a sugar high at 8AM.

We also ordered the Pork Chop with 2 Eggs + Toast and with this breakfast, we also had the milk tea. It was pretty funny as the pork chop came out deep fried in dark oil. Clearly, they didn’t change the oil over night, but thats what Chinese places are all about! 🙂 It tasted good – and that’s what is most important!

This place has always been one of my favourite places to go eat. Cheap and delicious! Nothing to like!

ABC Bakery & Cafe

112 3 Ave SE
Calgary, AB
(403) 266-2888