Graze Food and Drink – Canmore, Alberta

Breakfast is the most important part of my day. I can’t do anything without breakfast and we stumbled into Graze Food & Drink as we watched a bunch of people leaving this restaurant super happy so we walked in and waited for the next table! The wait wasn’t bad as it was relatively consistent of people coming in and customers leaving. They did an amazing job staggering the kitchen with the customers!

Once I sat down, I ordered a normal coffee. It was one of those mornings where you really don’t want to deal with me until I have that boost of energy. I ordered their Braised Beef Brisket Benny and this was absolutely amazing! They had a few slices of thick brisket that was so tender and amazing. Stack that on top of my favourite go-to breakfast meal and I was so happy! This dish definitely doesn’t disappoint!

Then we couldn’t go without trying their Poutine and we settled for their Canadian Eh! poutine which was huge and hearty! In a large bowl put pieces of seasoned potatoes in with bacon and sausages, then put cheese curds on and cover it with their hollandaise sauce. It was divine! To top that off, they added a fried egg and it was rich, creamy, flavourful and just amazing! I’m not sure if it’s for everyone as it really left you feeling stuffed but an amazing way to start your day!

This place was spectacular! The food just makes you smile and it truly tastes as great as it looked. There’s nothing negative I can think of as everything added up made it a special time!

Graze Food & Drink

102-717 8 St,
Canmore, AB

Wendy’s Pulled Pork Sandwich & Poutine Review

I had the opportunity to try Pulled Pork at Wendy’s as it’s their promotion that is going on. I knew for sure I wanted to try their Pulled Pork Sandwich as I love pulled pork sandwiches as they’re usually very messy and delicious. This one was definitely messy and it was quite delicious, although the pork itself could’ve been a bit warmer in temperature.

The sandwich is topped with the sauce of your choice, either smoky, sweet or spicy. We choose the smoky because it’s more “authentic” in our eyes. It was a nice sauce with tons of flavour – but it was kind of like bbq sauce. The coleslaw wasn’t very marinated yet and it was crisp and fresh though. It added nice texture to the sandwich. The bun was a brioche bun which was an excellent choice as it stood up the the sloppiness of this sandwich – the bun held up the entire time, although pork was falling out.

We also ordered their Pulled Pork Poutine as we wanted some fries. Poutine usually has gravy and cheese curds on top, and semi melted. Here, the pulled pork wasn’t hot enough for whatever reason was what we figured out, so the cheese was still really cold, instead of soft or gooey. The flavours was awesome though, we really enjoyed it and we would have enjoyed it a lot more with it being hotter. I did find there was too much onions on top – so I did fling some aside to make it more enjoyable of a side dish.

Overall, it was a fantastic dining experience and we thoroughly enjoyed the pulled pork from Wendys. I probably won’t change anything at all as it was really quite tasty. I’m sure we’ll be getting the poutine again – and it seems like some people call them cheese fries! Which ever they’re called, they’re delicious and would be spectacular if actually hot in temperature!

La Belle Patate

I’m not usually in search for poutines, but this La Belle Patate was recommended to me while I was discussing about the fact I didn’t get the opportunity to try the poutine stand at the Calgary Stampede as it was from a food truck in British Columbia.

We ordered a small order of Supreme Poutine which has onion, mushrooms and bacon on top of a bed of fries, cheese and gravy. It was really good, and the chunks of topping was generous and added so much flavour to the poutine. This poutine has set the bar high for all other poutines I may ever eat from now on! The gravy was really good, and it didn’t taste store bought, so that’s always a wonderful sign that they care for the food they prepare for their customers. This poutine had great texture and great flavour, and it wasn’t hard to finish off the entire order of poutine!

We also ordered a Montreal Smoked Meat Sandwich and it was massive! The meat wasn’t too salty at all, in fact it was perfectly prepared! I find with most Montreal Smoked Meat, it just seems too salty, but I’m so proud of La Belle Patate that prepared it to perfection – It’s a huge pile of smoked meat that was juicy and tender! These sandwiches are served on light rye bread, with a coat of yellow mustard which is the perfect vehicle for the massive amount of Monteal Smoked Meat, without any condiments that may take away from the flavour! They also served this sandwich with a Kosher Pickle that was crispy. This sandwich was so big that I almost wasn’t able to finish it up, but from it’s deliciousness, I ate the whole thing in spite of being over stuffed.

Finding this location was fun too, I just assumed that everything is in downtown Canmore, but this is actually tucked into their industrial area. I can see the location being quite busy during the week, but we went on a weekend – of a long weekend, and there were only a few tables – which is still really impressive as it’s not located on the main road of downtown Canmore.

La Belle Patate

102 Boulder Cres Bay 4
Canmore, AB T1W1L2
(403) 678-0077