Mandalay Bay – Las Vegas, Nevada

I’ve always loved going to Las Vegas especially experiencing new hotels. This time, I found myself checked in at Mandalay Bay, and the hotel is beautiful. The resort is absolutely beautiful but I wished the staff was friendlier as i had an incident with them, and they didn’t seem to value my experience.

The room was very nice and spacious. The bed was a king size bed and really comfortable. It was a great hotel to lounge at after a long day in Vegas!

The room offered only a bit of storage area, but had lots of space in general and seating area. It’s a lovely room with a stocked mini bar.

The bathroom was very impressive, it was large, tiled, and offered a separate toilet area. There’s a double sink, a stand up shower and a soaker tub.

This bathoom even has a TV in the room so you won’t miss anything on TV when you’re winding down in the tub.

Overall, the experience was quite pleasurable. We enjoyed the beautiful lobby, the pool area looks nice – although it was not opened during my stay. The complimentary flavoured water in the lobby was really a nice touch as well.

Mandalay Bay

3950 S Las Vegas Blvd
Las Vegas, NV

New York-New York Hotel and Casino – Las Vegas, Nevada

We had the opportunity to go to Vegas for a few days, and from there we did some hotel hopping to experience more! Our first stop was New York – New York located right on the strip, towards the end (closer to the airport). I must admit, the hotel is much nicer than expected!

We stayed in their standard room with a king bed, and the room was very spacious!

The bed was very comfortable and the sheets were cozy. We really enjoyed our stay here and was pleasantly surprised!

The room was quite spacious as well, and the layout is actually kind of different from the standard rooms. The desk is off to the side and we get the entire wall of storage!

The bathroom was very standard, but it was clean and it did it’s purpose. Nothing over the top, but had everything we needed..

Overall, the stay was truly amazing! It’s nice that you can’t predict what kind of room you would get in Las Vegas! Below is a room clip of our room during this stay.

New York New York Hotel and Casino

3790 S Las Vegas Blvd,
Las Vegas, NV 89109

Wendy’s Pulled Pork Sandwich & Poutine Review

I had the opportunity to try Pulled Pork at Wendy’s as it’s their promotion that is going on. I knew for sure I wanted to try their Pulled Pork Sandwich as I love pulled pork sandwiches as they’re usually very messy and delicious. This one was definitely messy and it was quite delicious, although the pork itself could’ve been a bit warmer in temperature.

The sandwich is topped with the sauce of your choice, either smoky, sweet or spicy. We choose the smoky because it’s more “authentic” in our eyes. It was a nice sauce with tons of flavour – but it was kind of like bbq sauce. The coleslaw wasn’t very marinated yet and it was crisp and fresh though. It added nice texture to the sandwich. The bun was a brioche bun which was an excellent choice as it stood up the the sloppiness of this sandwich – the bun held up the entire time, although pork was falling out.

We also ordered their Pulled Pork Poutine as we wanted some fries. Poutine usually has gravy and cheese curds on top, and semi melted. Here, the pulled pork wasn’t hot enough for whatever reason was what we figured out, so the cheese was still really cold, instead of soft or gooey. The flavours was awesome though, we really enjoyed it and we would have enjoyed it a lot more with it being hotter. I did find there was too much onions on top – so I did fling some aside to make it more enjoyable of a side dish.

Overall, it was a fantastic dining experience and we thoroughly enjoyed the pulled pork from Wendys. I probably won’t change anything at all as it was really quite tasty. I’m sure we’ll be getting the poutine again – and it seems like some people call them cheese fries! Which ever they’re called, they’re delicious and would be spectacular if actually hot in temperature!

Days Inn Athabasca – Athabasca, AB

We had a trip going quite North of Alberta – we were trying to get to Fort McMurray for a tour and decided to make a stop at Days Inn Athabasca which turned out to be a really nice stop!

The rooms was quite standard in size and perfect for guests looking for a long term stay. This room has a full size fridge with a freezer and honestly, the microwave sitting on the table was the best one I’d ever seen on Unclutterer, which quite surprised me as I hadn’t expected this in a hotel. The microwave will make it perfect for those who are looking to eat or store food. Our room had a King bed and it wasn’t decent. It didn’t look like the bed was made properly,but it may have just been the blankets that made it look saggy.

The bathroom was typical as well, but it did have quite a bit of counter space, so again, it would make it easy if you’ve got a lot of stuff for a longer term stay. There are tons of oil sand workers in this area and I’m sure a lot of them utilize this hotel.

The overall stay was really nice. It’s got a large parking lot, not far off the highway – yet it was quiet. Also not far from a lot of other amenities such as grocery stores and local bars and restaurants.

Wendy’s – Pretzel Bacon Cheeseburger

I never thought about using pretzel buns in place of a hamburger bun, but it appears that Wendys Restaurants have and I got to try it when I saw the sign for it! We ordered their Pretzel Bacon Cheeseburger just to try – and it was shockingly alright! It doesn’t have the actual same texture of a pretzel for the bun, but it was soft and has a nice chewy texture to the bun – giving it more substance.

I love the look of the pretzel bun as it’s got the look of what you’d expect a pretzel bun to look like. The burger is stuffed with goodness with sweet & smoky honey mustard, melted cheddar cheese and apple wood smoked bacon all on a warm, soft pretzel bun. The combination really was amazing, it wasn’t dry or boring at all!

So, if you’re looking for a burger with a twist – this might be your next go-to burger!